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What else would cause the fuel pump to stop working properly.
Other times, have to wait overnight, currently it want start for 2 weeks?????
I was driving my car everything working just fine..... got back in and head lights will not come on....the park lights work back lights work just no head lights not even bright lights will come on....please help
Aome websites have told me in order to change the timing cover gasket I will also have to have a few other gaskets changed as well I need to know if thia is true
Clip looks to be in good condition and according to local parts store gas cap is not a vented one.
Drove the car, everything worked perfect. Parked it and the next day had no headlights. Put new bulbs in lights and dimmer switch, didn't help but this is where it got really bad on me. Now the lights come on auto but then they will go off, if you turn the dimmer on we lose brake lights, interior lights, but will have headlights. I really don't know what is going on here! Any help or advice is appreciated! We also have to things showing up PO420 and PO325 if that has anything to do with it? Thank you, Kathie and John
I love this car, no problems otherwise.
When i speed up the ticking sound gets louder and it stays a constint sound ticking when its stopped. It now having trouble speeding up also. When i herd this i hurryed home not even 5 min from the house the car died and i had to restart it. i was thinking it was the front crankshaft seal needing to be replace alond with the timing cover gasket but im not sure if that is the ticking sound.
I would like to replace the struts the rear struts on a 2000 Chevy Prizm but I cannot figure out where to take the nuts off at
Once this car gets up some speed it does fine but once you slow down for a stop sign or light it idles rough. There has been many things changed. New fuel pump and filter, new coil packs, Mass Air Flow, & new oxygen sensors. Engine light is on also. Please help!
car was running fine. now wont crank, new battery, new fuel pump.
I have checked everything, but there is no sound when I turn the key.. I have tried to start it in neutral, but no luck.
The car is making noises, Air cond is cracking and metal shavings.
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