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It was working just fine now its just cranking
when trying to pick up speed or even on highway going up hill engine revs up then let off the gas and then push gas again and it will catch this is a 5 speed
This is going to be used to charge phone and video cameras.
My 1998 Chevy Prizm got to where it don't want to pull up hills today and it's been doing it ever since 11 am this morning and I don't know whats making it do it so can someone please help?
About 125,000 miles on it. Owned it since 90k roughly. Every once in a while the engine light would blink on, seemingly random (solid 55 straightaways, usually), then on next day startup or so, would be off. This time it turned on about a week after my last oil change (due for another soon), and has been on since. Had the code checked and it's the same one it's always thrown when I go to have it checked. First guy (bout a year ago) told me system too lean- took out the mass air flow sensor and cleaned it out, was just fine after. Now, someone told me Cat converter is clogged- this is just off of reading his code reader and seeing PO420. Dunno how accurate any of that is.
I'm wanting to know the reason and what I should do in steps to figure it out before I go dumping my money into incorrect solutions.
-I don't know a whole lot about cars, or a good mechanic around here as I recently moved.
Battery must be disconnected to kill the dinner and parking lights every time. With no key in the ignition the parking lights and dinner stay on even with door closed what's wrong
I bought both right and left front vendors, cause of the bottom of both of them are rotted away. would a garage put them on and how would it cost?
When turning left, the blinker won't run the same as if turning right blinker, also it sounds like it's going 100 mph
This this something I can fix myself and what is the problem
I bought the car a month ago and noticed right away that the steering wheel was angled to the right almost 30 degrees. If I let go of the wheel it immediately pulls hard left. It also makes a sound like its grinding or rattling. When I make left turns, even very slowly, it sounds like I'm squealing out. I've been told this is probably just a tie rod and alignment. The tires are fine and have good tread. What other possibilities could it be do you think?
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