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when driving the gauges stop working turn the car off turn it back on the gauges come back on
The leak is coming from the side on the overflow tank side and for some reason the gauge is reading hot after I let the car sit for hours the hand go straight to red
My car won't start sometime
Threads are not damaged no sign of cross thread , so much pressure thought they were gonna snap into . Should i use tap of same size plug thread n run in n out of plug ports . Gd or Bad idea ?? Looks like they have been in motor for some time !!
Threads were not damaged no sign of cross thread , should i use tap of same size n run down plug ports , Good or Bad idea ?? Not to mention will definately use anti seize !
Only when reversing my car or you have the car on park. Is makes a loudifference noise too
it overheats while throwing hot air, then heat stops and it temp goes down to half
I have damage to my hood and can't find a replacement the same year
When I turn on the heat I have a strong gas smell.
my auto shop says I have a oil leak in the top manifold on my Monte Carlo
it not bad but he wants to charge $800.00 to install a new seal. the car has a 139,000 mile on it . it just a work car hail damage etc.. don't want to put that much into it. will it make it worse?? I want to try to get around 200, 000 out it or a little more if I can. if it will work any suggestions on a certain brand? any help will be appreciated. thx
A few weeks ago my signals started making a loud sound like a frying sound, shortly after that all my dash lights, raído lights I mean every light that is in the interior later my car was starting weak so I replaced the car battery, to only end up with my car in the worst posible shape DEAD!, my car is completely dead, checked all the fuses and relays, It seems like there is no juice but they battery is good I took it back to auto one they checked it showed me the readings, anyone with any advise please I welcome it all thank you
What could bee possible reason
For this to bee happening
First changed oil (10/40 though I need a heavier oil) and added oil treatment a few weeks ago because of a loud tapping or ticking noise. Car still had noise but did quiet down. Now car has a very loud knocking noise at idling and acceleration. Almost sounds like something is hitting against something
Static comes through speakers with radio off
Changed thermostat,water pump,head gaskets,manifold gaskets,valve cover gaskets intake gaskets,radiator flush, still running hot...
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