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My monte carlo brok down on me a few weeks ago. The timing belt was replaced. The car will start but sounds like crap and only goes 15 mph...What could the issue be?

We had snow a couple days ago My husband tunded windshield wipers on without cleaning snow off windshield. They worked to get the snow off but later when tuned on they worked except they stopped in the middle of the windshield when turned off. How do I reset my windshield wipers to home position 2002GM Chevy Monte Carlo.

ok I have a 2005 monte carlo I bought with out a warranty and I was driving home (i live 100 miles away) and it was getting cold so turned on the heater and hot air comes out passenger side but cold air on drivers side. Now there is nothing wrong with the doors or the blower they work fine,only problem is cold air on drivers side. This car only has 63,000 miles on it and it is Tony Stewart modol. can some one yell me if it is the contrl knob on drivers side or maybe the cabel that goes to the control or to heater control. The lever on the control works smooth no sticking or anything both sides feel the same. Tanks one cold blooded drive.

when I start the engine its starts to knock

I just bought this car yesterday and on the way home it was cold so turn on the heater and drivers side blows cold but passenger side hot. I had both sides of heater control up all the way in red. help one cold driver.

what are the signs of a bad water pump

I have a working headlight and brights on the left side. The right headlight does not work the brights and the turn signal work. All the bulbs are good it just doesn't come on when I turn on my headlights. What should I look at or do to get the headlight to work?

high idle when cold let it warm up turn key off restart runs find

My speed dial does not work , somtimes it shows me driving at 125mp or does not move at all.Once it almost spent all the way around. PLease help I dont no what part I need installed.

I have no low beams

came out of work on rainy day had about 1or2 inches of water in passenger floorboard o
looks like it is comeing from under dash how to stop this

water pump was replaced need to know how much coolant to add after and do i top off with water

how do you replace a fuel filter on a 2003 monte carlo?

blowing cold air when heater on, then noticed fan in engine not working, just checked and there is water in oil

How do you replace an ac compressor on a 2002 Monte Carlo SS 3.8. When replacing, remove it above or below the motor? Any helpful hints for my father??? Please help!!!

I replaced the a/t transmission and not thinking I turn the flex plate the wrong way when reconnecting the torque converter. now It wont start. did I jump time by doing this? what should I do?

I replaced the windshield wiper trasmission and the wipers stop in the middle of the windshield in the delay setting.They do come come to rest in the right position.

How hard is it to replace?

My check enigine light came on about a year ago.It wouldn't go off, causing a failed emissions test.They also failed my gas cap which I've replaced twice and still failed. Now I took it back to emissions and the light won't come on for the systems check. Now I've had it on a dianostics machine and showed no problems. This has become a major problem for me .. Not once but twice I've taken it to the shop for this problem. Is there a fuse I need to replace or something else?

happened once had them
replaced Is this unusual at only 23K miles?

i was on freeway last night and the engine hot/turn off ac light came on
the temp gauge remains at lowest point and water is full. today i started my car cold and same light comes on immediately?

wipers only work in high position

car usually starts buts tends to stall when i come to a stop, and then is hard to restart. Is more difficult to start if front of car is downhill. Recently had fuel tank and fuel pump replaced. Could that be related?

I have a 1995 monte carlo 3.1 flushed the radiator and then the problems started. put a new thermostat in and we had no flow. took it out and it runs fine. puting in a new one today. but there is still the problem of the cooling fans not kickin on, the worked before all this but now nothing.

no power to pump, replaced the fuel pump, relay, filter and oil sensor still no power to the fuel pump

my monte carlo just heated uo i yhink the fans arent working how long do they take to turn on what gurgles in the radiator

I have a 1996 monte carlo z34 with a 4t60e transmission in it. It is no good. I bought a 1997 monte carlo z34 with a 4t65e transmission in it. The plug wiring on the transmissions are different. I have the whole 1997 car if I need pmc or wiring harness I have it. Will it work in my 1996. I have not been able to get anyone to tell me wheather it will work or not.

I have had this problem since i purchased the car my power locks will not work even with the keyless entry pad but when i am in the car and hit the lock/unlock button i can hear a click coming out of the fuse box. i checked the fuse even replaced it still nothing. and the second thing i notice is i can turn the lights on with the dimmer switch but nothing comes on when i open my doors

I have a 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo. It has started to upshift harshly recently, yet the down shifts are smooth. If I unplug the battery and let it sit over night, the next few times I drive it, it shifts just fine. Also when it starts shifting hard while I am driving I can pull the car over, shut it off, pump the gas pedal 5-6 times, restart it and it will shift just fine. I had the pressure control solenoid replaced when it was shifting hard through all of the gears 8 month ago and it was doing ok until recently. I also have had the transmission fluid replaced 3 times in the last 8 months.

Sometimes my car will be running good then all of a sudden the RPM's will start to jump. Does not do it all the time. They do not go high just jump up and down. Just changed that plugs and wires but it still does it. Also changed the throttle positioning sensor but that did not work either! Anyone know what this might could be????