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leaking coolant in oil as others.why doesnt someone go after gm for this....all v6s made are doing the same problem....leaking at intake sux they never made any recalls on this?????pissed off monte ss owner. also my 2002 century did the same thing,3.8 v6......sick of gm and crummy engines
Every brand, auto store 'remanufactured','rebuilt' & 'new' have failed. GM OEM has failed. Is it a similar problem to the VERIFIED Alternator Problem on the 1996 - 2002 Savanna & Express vans w/same size engine...???
i also replaced thermostat and heater hose. They say the water isnt circulating through radiator to come out on the heater hose side. I also have no heat.
the horrible miss led me to vacuum lines that connect at the throttle-body which led me to see the pools of antifreeze in the bottom of the TB itself. It has been in 2 really hard curb checks, one at ninety or so, and lately has developed a hissing sound amplified by the tune-up i attempted. It misses and stumbles until it shuts off...I've gotta have this car running asap so please help me???
i've about run out of patience with "free" manuals, i've already been billed 3 times by the same website who never could produce what he was selling, but kept billing me anyway...i just need internet access to a repair manual so i can continue with restoring my poor monte without having to bother you guys every darn day...
the following recalls are listed on your site:

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Recall 09V116000
Chevrolet Monte Carlo Recall 09E005000
Chevrolet Monte Carlo Recall 04V090000

so how do i know if these, or any other in the past, have been corrected?
we know where the knock sensor is...can't quite figure the best way (least invasive) to approach and replace it...have a diagram, but it's not helping....can you give us an A,B,C hint as to how to proceed?
by the way, this is engine code po327 (engine light code, California emmissions dog and pony
i do think that wen we used 2 get gas the check engine light would come on for a bit then go off
the check engine light is on computer came up with knock sensor and evap system.a wire was loose on knock sensor.
My blower motor, only in winter, doesn't always work. It will usually work when I start the car. Once I start driving, it stops working. It will usually work and stop when I hit bumps. Other times it works, I hit a bump, then it won't come back on. The colder it is outside, the harder it is for me to have it keep working.
Car will not start firing and getting fuel
fine at higher speeds, gets harder and harder to steer the slower you go

no leaks
no noise
fresh fluids

how much to fix?
anything special i should look for?
light came on after vandals stole radio and messed with some other electrical buttons on the dash...was perfect before...any relation to the engine light?
does fine at higher speeds, bogs down the slower you go, and almost useless at parking lot speed
no leaks
belt appears good
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