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Everytime i put in gas it some of it leaks out thru a little black coponant at the rear of the vehicle cud there be air in my tank or gas cap is worn out?
Well dis da deal da screws came out of da EGR VALVE n me not knowing kept riding it like dat caused da EGR Tube to break on both ends n i tryna find out were due I go to buy dem n how due I put dem on. Thank u so much for ur time n effort wit dis matter.
The check engine light is on, and when it dies it may not restart for an hour or longer. It starts puttering at stops, and eventually dies altogether.
how much money would it cost to fix a small vacuum leak for a '98 monte carlo? how much work would it take? would it be easy to fix?
Doesn't flicker all the time only sometimes
1st the check engine light came on I had O'Rielly check it meter read bad gas cap I replaced then reset computer and no problem for a while after about a month cel came back on and then a couple days later when driving car just shut shut down would turn over but not fire up wanted to it sounded but would not I checked wires nothing loose I disc. batt. let computer reset hooked back up car started right up again no problem for a while then onway home the other night at stop light car started stumbling I pumped gas car would on and off run for a few miles then finally stopped but this time it did start and stumbeld me home again reset computer went too pick wife up onway home same thing 1st stall out reset start then stumble and got me home car out of warrantie but dealer said maybe cam or crank position sensor or mass air flow sensor you know bring in hook up for 110.00 no refund towards repair any ideas anyone I sure would appreciate the help I did notice that the is it the maf sensor that plugs into air duct between filter and maflow is very loose cant see no wire breakage but loose I have a short ram intake with open cone filter and 3" tube
starter wont turn over,power from bat.good,turn IGN.SWITCH,but no power to lhgt/flashing.also doors open intermitantly with keyless device. security lights started flashing while driving about two-weeks earlier also batt.flashes too.
I hear clicking down by the fuse box my alarm arms but my doors don't lock
Problem is car recently has stalled instantly with no warning 1st time would not restart until I unhooked batt. to reset computer Ran fine for 1 month Last night driving no notice car died out but would restart but missed out like not getting fuel kind of lurching but got me home Both times low fuel on but should have had 50 miles Car now in garage and I am trying computer set again I recently put short ram intake on I saw there was a hole in ? maf that it hooked to but did not seem to matter Check engine came on a while back meter read bad gas cap which I replaced,now these problems Any ideas? Could it be fuel pump maf fuel filter? Ray Skillman where I bought it wants 110.00 for check-up I am a DAV and really can not afford that payment and insurance eating me up Any help would be greatly appreciated
On cold start you turn the key to the on position and the headlights and the dash lights come on, you turn it to the start position and the headlights go out and the dash lights do also. Turn back to the on position they come back on, but the car won't due anything and the battery is good.
The car starts and if the brake light comes on, you turn the car off it will not restart. Wait several hours later the car starts.
wearing out the inside of the rear tires. Tire are canted in at the top. How do I fix the problem ? Is there an adjustment bolt back there
I was going to have the car towed but when the tow driver got there,he said that it had a recall. he turn the key forward and shifted to drive n neutral n reverse then put it back to park turn the key all the way and the car started. first time it has everdone this. anybody know what the problem is?
The window comes down easily, but does not go up unless I move the button around and find a spot that makes contact. I do not know how to get access and expose the contacts so I can clean them.
It starts but when you push on gas it stalls out. That's all I can tell you.
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