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i shut it off and can drive another block before it gone again
I'm trying to change my water pump, but I can't loosen the tension pulley to remove the serpentine belt. The tension pulley has a square hole that I can't fit any sockets into, what kind of tool do you need to loosen the tension pulley so that i can remove the serpentine belt?
wipers were turned on low, wiped once, quit while still on.
used wash/wiper mode, nothing happened, tried again same trip and it worked.
The lights won't shut off when the car does now
My cousin and I replaced the head gaskets on my 01 monte carlo *3.4L*and now the car wont start. The car will crank but wont spark. I've been told it's the ECM. I have also been told its the PCM...idk what the difference is or if BOTH are on the car. I know the PCM is in the air filter box. It is not throwing a code, just wont start. Please help!
Need help replacing alternator for Chevy Monte Carlo!
took it to a shop they mentioned the fuel pump pressure regulator could this be why or the transmission... no noise.
The car runs great, but at random times I try to start it when I turn the key it does nothing. I don't click, turn over, nothing at all. When it happens there is power at the instrument cluster and the accessories work it just won't engage the starter. After turning it on and off constantly for ten minutes or so it'll start right up and be fine for a while, days, a week maybe but then it happens again. There is an issue with the fuel gauge at times, could be related. I'm guessing it's the switch itself but I need some advice on this issue.
The car stopped on the highway, and it won't start,
I was driving on the highway and the car suddenly stopped, and it won't start for over 3 weeks now, change the fuel pump n sensor,
unhhoked and re hooked the battery and car wont start but theres no security light on just the battery light
drive and over drive from takeoff hardly move until 15 or 20mph then shilfs out fine always have to use low from stop.
does it need reprogramed?
Everytime i put in gas it some of it leaks out thru a little black coponant at the rear of the vehicle cud there be air in my tank or gas cap is worn out?
Well dis da deal da screws came out of da EGR VALVE n me not knowing kept riding it like dat caused da EGR Tube to break on both ends n i tryna find out were due I go to buy dem n how due I put dem on. Thank u so much for ur time n effort wit dis matter.
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