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The temperature gage will run kind of hot and I can stop the car and turn the keys back and bring the gage back down to C and turn the car back on and it isn't hot and their isn't any symptoms of my car overheating but the gage doing this what could be the problem
They work for a little then they stop working.
When it hits 35 I have to give it gas and let off then it's OK for awhile then it does it again. It happens when the car gets warm. After its been running awhile.
last few days it come on after i have filled the tank so i know it has gas i change the trip gauge so i can keep an eye on it until i can afford the cost to change sensor worried the car will believe electronically its out of gas and stall will this happen? nothing else is wrong including the check engine light is not on
Need the exact tools I need to replace starter on my 99 Chevy Monte Carlo
Excessive rear inner tire wear what are the causes

I bought a new ignition and lock cylinder and Need the security light to be turned off so I can start my car. How much would that cost me to be fixed?
everytime I drive the car it will lose power and the reduced engine power message and service the traction control message come on
I have a 2001 monte carlo ss, good car, ran perfect up until I removed the mufflers and maybe a week goes by and the car stalls out as I am driving. Went to accelerate and the engine bogged down and I lost oil pressure, it would crank and attempt to start but sounded horrible, had it towed to a mechanic, its been about a week now and they still haven't solved the issue. Please help.
And started to overheat. But today everything is fine.Took up and down hills, highways no problem. Never happened before.
I drive and about 5 minutes after driving car dies no noise when it dies but car will start right back up after it dies. When its cold outside car runs good
sometimes when I start the car the info center does not come on and the cruise light is on and you turn the heater on the cruise light goes off but the blower won't come on, then all the sudden the cruise light will go off and the info will come on and the blower will work and the wipers then the blower will just shut off and the cruise light will come back on. I replaced the wiper motor a few months back cuz they would not always come on and they said it was the motor. This has been going on with the cruise shutting off for a while then the blower started shutting off and now the blower will work for a few seconds then it stops and the cruise light comes on and I can turn the fan dial and the cruise light will come on and off
I just replace the O2 sensor now the mass air flow and the car won't stay running unless my foot is on the gas
Good battery
No dash lights
Engine wont crank
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