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This last summer I installed a new starter due to the fact that my car refused to start at a job site resulting in me having to hammer my exposed post on my old starter, after that every time I would use my car it would have the security indication on the dash, every so often it wouldn’t start unless I let it sit there for 15-30 minutes, but just 1.5 weeks ago I parked my car outside and went out of town for 4 days and when I came back it wouldn’t start so I just let it sit for 10 minutes and tried again but nothing happened not even clicking so I did some research and thought that it might be the ignition switch so I bought one and installed that just this last weekend and yet i still haven’t been able to get it to start, what could possibly be wrong; I drive a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo ls.
my radiator separated from overheating so i replaced it along with thermostat. i replaced water pump 20,000miles ago . after 3 weeks of good driving my radiator split on the side near the top hose opening. i welded it with jbweld. after 30 minutes of run time lower hose swells and leaking from weld. pump has a minor leak only when hose swelling occurs. also noticed my fans do not go on. even if they did 30 minutes is a short time for overheating right? what now?
I had the heater in my 2005 Monte Carlo repaired last winter and it worked fine. 3 months ago, when it was the summertime and hot, I needed to have the compressor replaced for my AC to then work. The AC worked perfectly for the rest of the summer, but it's cold again now and the heater doesn't work! In fact, when I turn on the heater, it blows cold air!

I don't know WHO to blame for this, the first mechanic who repaired my heater last winter or the AC repair guy from a few months ago. Nor do I know what's causing this problem now. If I had to guess, I'd say that whatever happened during the replacement of my compressor caused my heater to stop working but I need to have a better idea of what this problem is so I can go back to one of these two repairs guys to complain about it and have this problem fixed.
I have a 02 monte carlo my key ignition will not turn off I have to disconnect the battery every time I try to turn the car off or my battery will die. The key will come out of the ignition at any position it is in while it's running or off. It is not hard to start or get the key in or out. I tried changing ignition out but could not get the new key to come out of the new ignition so I put my old one back in. What could be the problem or what do I need to look for replace fix or find to resolve my issue?
I had the could come up for a multi misfire which then I replaced the coil pack that had 1 and 4 on it and cleared the code the I got #3 cylinder misfire code can I move my #3 wire to another coil pack and see if the problem follows with out hurting my engine I have a 2002 monte carlo with a 3.4 SFI engine
My car was getting hot i replaced the coolant temp sensor and was driving, car lost compression, smelled something burning, spark plug wires burned.
Want to know how to repair it could I weld it or
I have a 2005 mote carlo 3.8 with 195000 miles. it will runs fine but will stall out after driving just a few miles {2-15}. it will just shut down and will not restart. it sets a mass air flow code and will start and repeat this as soon as you clear the code. the mass air flow sensor was replaced with a known good part but the problem persists. It will idle fine for as long as you want . the problem started within 100 miles of the engine being washed off but ran fine immediately after that had been done. an abs connector on the right front had just been installed and the codes for that cleared. any suggestions?
My air conditioner on my 2003 Monte Carlo SS keeps blowing the relief valve on the compressor. We have had it recharged 3 times. We had the valve replaced and it blew again. We replaced the 2 speed fan and it blew again. Each time we had it recharged it lasted about 3 days a I'm sitting at a stop light and it will let go again. What ese could ot possibly be? The car runs fine and there are no dash lights indicating a problem.
Monday I was driving and my steering wheel got really hard to turn, battery light came on. Pulled to the side of the road restarted it and was fine until tonight, steering got rough my battery light kept flickering and all my dashboard lights came on pulled over shut it off and it wouldn't turn back on. Just got the car jumped it was fine. All the computer is saying is a bad coolent fan
just started, parked car afterwards till solution found.
dashboard cluster intermittant. all guages, radio, a/c control.
puy freon runs cold for awhile till I shut it off then has a loud noise and only warm air when I start car several hours later only for a few minute after I put it in gear
Put Freon in and will hold as long as I am driving, but when I shut it of has a loud noise and then no clod air. Won't hold Freon.
My car ran out of oil and by the time I realized it, the car began to knock pretty bad. I stopped right then and put in 3 qts of oil. This caused the knocking to quieten to a mild tick. However, that was 4 days ago and since then the ticking has became a slightly mild knock again. The car hasn't seemed to lose much power if any, but then I have also been taking it super easy and slow on it. I know that it is either a rod or a lifter arm knocking. My question is if it is either of those can it be replaced or is replacing the engine my only option.
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