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Uncertain when the high-pitched buzzing sound started, it's my wife's car, but it seems she started to mention the noise some time after we bought new tires. It's difficult to explain the noise; I do have a recording of it but there's no option to upload the audio file on this web site. It appears the noise is coming from the front of the car on the driver's side. It is not grinding, scratching, growling, thumping, humming or any of the usual sounds I have encountered before. I have checked the structs and the brake pads for excessive wear, they're both okay. I have been under the car and have not found anything to be loose or missing. The timing belt and water pump were changed about four years ago. The car is basically for work commuting so only about 6,000 miles per year are put on it. The car does not have power steering and is a three speed automatic. As stated above, the sound comes and goes in both frequency and loudness, it is not predictable. Any ideas?

Overheat leaked all oil starts it tugs but no force from engine when I step on gas when I turn it on its ok Istep on gas Iit tugs a little but wont move

it acts like it's locked all the time.

the headlights still come on but the blinkers have stopped working.

My boyfriends friend got mad one day and slamed oir trunk that had a sticky latch, and it wouldn't click. He slamed it so hard at one point that he snapped the latch off. We can't get in thru the trunk but the back seat. Its kinda hard when you have a bunch of baby stuff and you can't pile anything on too of ea ch other so the car is rather cramed

While driving, the ability to accelerate disappeared. At first I thought it was the engine, but when I pulled over the engine was still running. There was no noise at all when this happened just a loss of acceleration. No movement in drive or reverse or L1, L2...

Which Mark on cam do you use for timing belt. There are two marks. Didn't disconnect any electronics. Please help. Thanks.

i have a 98 metro 1.3l 4 cylander

When my 98 geo 5speed with 1.0 gets real cold it won't start just cranks over after u push it inside and it warms up it starts fine enyone have an idea

I just wonder if any of these sensors are bad, but i don't have a check engine light on it just they dosen't finish their cycle still flashing in the obd II reader and dtc present. thanks

I was told I my starter is going out even though it's new


I stoped at stop sigh and when i started to drive off,it sounded like it jumped out of gear and started to grind.Grinds in all forward gears and reverse.Also while in park the car is like it is in neutral and will roll

looks like a bearing race on my torque converter keeps dumping trans fluid on ground.. ive pulled motor 3 times do to this what do i do now?

We had the battery checked and it is good, even bought a new battery and tried that. While the engine was running, we have removed both battery cables and the engine continues to run. If we turn off the engine, it will not crank unless jump-started again. What else can I check?

What type of fluid to use, Can you drain the converter, how many quarts of fluid with the converter drained and without, how to properly check the fluid level.
Thank you: Modocker

a few days ago I went to start my car to go to work but it would not start the engine is getting electrical power and the starter is doing its job but it does not crank. It has 88K miles.

The main pulley on my metro moved about a quarter inch out and now the belts wont stay on. I tried to move it back into position by loosening the bolt, but it wont budge. The car only had 120k on it and runs great besides now

2000 Chevy Metro LSI 4cyl automatic. While driving, engine slows like it's flooding, the Service Engine Soon light starts flashing, then suddenly surges foward and accelerates normally. May not do it again for days. If this happens at a stop sign, the engine sometimes stalls, but always cranks back up with no problem. Is it the oxygen sensor needs replacing? Thanks.

just need to know how boot under coil pack comes off ,, if just held by a lip or what

It seems like it always starts when it's cold in the morning. Then we'll drive it for 5-10 miles, then let it sit for 15-20 minutes or more, try to start it and it just cranks. Just turns over and nothing happens. At first it wouldn't happen every time, but now it is happening most times we drive it. It seems like then, we let it cool down for about 5 or 10 minutes and then finally it starts. The temperature outside here in Tucson is about 75 degrees. When it was cooler out it didn't seem to happen. Now maybe it has nothing to do with the temperature. Maybe it is just getting worse. Any advise, please.

Recently our Metro would not start.Even after an attempted jump luck. Our mechanic diagnosed a failed starter and recommended replacing and older and weakening battery.Both items were replaced. One week later it is acting the same way. Any help would be appreciated.

my car is loosing speed going uphill, and the check engine light is on.

Ok I got a two part question for anyone who can anwser them first i have a 98 metro and when the vehicle is warmed up, I get in to start it and it turns over but will not start I turn it off and continue to try it for a couple minutes before it will start I've replaced fuel pump, strainer, spark plugs, wires, distriputor cap, and rotor what else can i do? Second question is when i'm at high speeds on interstate whenever my foot slips off gas peddle I loose all power to the engine The car slowes down and after a few seconds it kicks back in any suggestions

where is the crank sensor located

this is the 1.3 sohc 16 valve engine. The owner said the cam reluctor was damaged and replaced. But there is no key pin or marks to show proper alignment on the cam. What is it timed with and how?


I have a 1999 Chevy Metro Lsi with 1.3 liter four cylinder. I have an after-market hood without the stock information, so i do not have the spark plug gaping info which I need. I also would like a recommendation on which brand of plug to use and the reasons for it.