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Do you really have to remove the entire front bumper?

I have had the tire removed and checked and there seems to be no apparent leak. I have to refill it every few weeks.

The fan does not seem to work well on the lower settings.

Sometimes there will be a constant or intermittent buzzing coming from wither the turn signal or the hazard light button. I just discovered that when I press on one area of the hazard button it will stop. There seems to be a little short in that area. is that possible?

I do not drive very much so the 3000 miles recommended does not occur quite a while?

My vehicle is not working and needs a new engine. Is it worth getting a rebuilt put in or should I just get a new car and get rid of the broken vehicle?

I have to manually pick up the trunk door. Its very heavy and don't know what made it break.

Noise comes and goes and I have never placed anything on the dashboard. Nothing there is rattling.

Today while driving my radio randomly froze. I could do nothing no matter what I pressed on the radio and/or the wheel would have no reaction.

The MPG is much lower than what I expected and was told it would be, how could I improve it?

My trunk will randomly open by itself. I know it isn't due to pressing the button on the key.

121,000 miles. New AC year and a half ago, new radiator, thermostat, hoses, all within 6 mo ago. I've spent about $2,000. Now it needs AC compressor or clutch ($978)! Is it time to trade in or worth the repairs at this point. I'm wanting to wait 5 years to buy a new car when I retire.

After I went over 2 speed bumps my car shut off and my local mechanic told me the info above. How much could this cost if the warranty is up?

is there someplace i can get more info on the recalls for my car specifically. Is that verified by the vin number of the car?

Car shut of driving down road replaced start got it started back rod was knocking irk on engine they would not warranty it what can I do

I have a 2012 Malibu worked just fine, hit a stump damaging the radiator and condenser. I had replaced the two but now It won't start. It cranks but doesn't start.

Driving as little as possible. Would there be any advantage to
flushing cooling system until we
actually get a solid answer and
make a decision as to repair or

dimmer switch works, headlights and park lights work, instrument panels work, windshield wipers work, the signals stopped all of sudden

the headlights work, tail lights work , dimmer switch works and instrument panel lights and windshield wipers work, signal lights quit all of a sudden

I've had the car since 10/2015 so this is the first summer I've had it and we havebeen in a bit of a heat wave to the A/C has been used a lot. Is this a normal part of the cooling system. The fan will stop after about a minute.

I replaced my rear hub assembly with Abs a few days ago. The car ride smooth and fine for two days and last night the engine cut off as I was driving down the road and the traction control and also the abs light came on. My car will not start right now but it has battery power. I tried to reset the battery, didn't work.

No lit icons, no error messages.

Engine running O.K.

Previous repair of leak at intake manifold done at approximately 60,000 miles (now 114,000) at
local GM dealer.

I took the car to the repair shop and they replaced the windshield washer container also replaced the igniation switch. The doors will now not lock by using the automatic lock. I have to lock each one individually. Instead of being able to lock them from the drivers control

It starts and when I put it in drive to go it goes slow and doesn't take off then it does and then it slows back down and the engine light blinks every time it misfires and won't go fast. And if I sit there too long the car shuts itself off. And we just changed the sparks plugs and it didn't work. Help me please because nobody knows how to fix it.

I have taken my car to three different emissions places. They have all said that they can not get a reading. I have had the fuses checked and all are in good shape.

I tried cutting it back on and it won't do nothing.. the heat won't come on or nothing

Airbag light is on, also check engine light need to know what needs to be done.

I was at a gas pump car shut off in park when inside pay for my gas come back outside the car and rolled into a ditch and was upside down I've been having trouble with the ignition switch getting it to turn over and beeps all the time the horn

Power steering goes in and out at any time why

When I accelerate my service traction system light comes on. I shut the key off restart and
it clears temporarily. Any suggestions?