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the replacement cv axles do not have these shims on them. do I need to transfer them to the replacement shafts
The gas light went off for a while now told it might be a camshaft sensor I've heard of other Malibu people having the same issue
When I turn the wheels to the right it makes a sound but not all the time
will run for about 10-15 minutes then die try to start nothing. Lights radio works then after a few seconds will start and run a few seconds or a minutes then dies again. over and over
My motor be rattling
I was drivin and my car shut off i tried cranking it up it still would not crank i put a new fuel pump nd filter still wouldnt crank can u please tell me the problem
What can I look at for this problem , gas gauge or temp gauge doesn't work , and ac comes on but blows only hot air ,
are there trunk releases in the car
I want to know how replace the injector number 1
It won't turn over at all. The overhead light does work. First time this ever happened
a friend is giving me the ramp and wheelchair said all I need is 2 inch hitch, is it possible to get this part and attach it to this car? Thanks in advance
My car rides fine but in a hot day it starts to hesitates like it wants to turn off is this the fuel pump or the injectors
First time this has occurred.
Once I put air in tire light goes out. Had car serviced, mechanics say tired r good condition
this alarm is a constant.Does this have to do with my engine?
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