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I have had problems with the anti-theft. I went to store got gas came out and car won't start. I tried resetting pass lock code but still wont start. Engine turns over but no fire. I sprayed starting fluid in throttle body and it fired then shuts back down. So I don't think car is getting fuel. Had the fuel pump and fuel filter replaced about 6 months ago.
The ac compressor pully locked up and is not allowing the car to start
The car has 265,000 miles on it. The car seems to run fine, even though the light is on. I had Tires Plus replace the sensor, the thermostat & the heater hose; didn't fix the problem. The Chevy dealer, as well as Tires Plus tell me the coolant level is OK; they have done coolant pressure tests & can't find any more problems. I do sometimes get an odor of odd hydrocarbons at either startup, or after stopping; this appeared AFTER Tires Plus replaced the sensor. I'm baffled. Both shops tell me that its nothing to worry about, but common sense tells me otherwise.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? the light goes off after the car has run for a little while
How long have you had this problem? since late July, 2017
Make clicking sound and almost acts like it wants to go
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Same no matter what
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
Headlight still wont turn on after replacing the bulb socket and low beam light
When u push the pedal it seems to decelerate instead of accelerate, as soon as I give it gas it stalls and I literally have to almost pump it to pick up any speed but still won't go over 14 mph it was reading average drive is 14 mph like it's in limp mode atleast that's what I was told but I changed the push pedal sensor, changes the fuel pump, changed the throttle body, changed the cam shaft sensor, and still acting exactly the same,
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Pressing the gas
How long have you had this problem? 2 months
On a 2010 Chevy malibu it 2.4 which coil is the number 4 coil?
Rpm go high when I start car
The Car Cranks Up Fines fresh oil change and Transmission Flush but drives poorly barely can pick up speed but it's shifts just fine changing gears and everything what could possibly be the problem ?
replaced fuel pump twice gauge will not work wright
replaced fuel pump twice fuel gauge will not work wright
my 2009 chevy malibu engine oil keeps dropping but there is no leaks any where so where do the oil pass and what should be the possible causes
Fuel light is on but tank is full
Sometimes while driving and turning the stirring wheel to make a turn, the stirring wheel locks
It sounds like a door is open but there all shut

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