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before this happened it shut off going down the road
I noticed one morning a rattling in my car. I made one stop and it did not start. I got it to the mechanic and he stated that it was low on oil but it started again but it is not picking up speed .
It's very hot & I use to hear it after driving my car home from work, and lately it hasn't been coming on and that worries me.
Starting once during traveling on the road
dealer replaced remote and put in chip on recall shutting off with key swinging. now there is a sec or two delay engageing starter is this a common problem after recall's
My car has been starting and stalling after the engine gets hot sometimes and it appears that the fans are running slow, but I don't know if this is normal or not.
if not removed
Couple days after parking it I tried to back up in driveway and it seemed I couldn't keep it straight, so after pulling forward, starting to back up 4 timesand it not working, I looked in rearview mirror and the back driver side tire kept turning in. So obviously I put in drive and parked it back on street. What is wrong? Please and thank you
ESC light goes on, for no reason as it did before the recalled repair. If it's that wiring again shouldn't Chevy have to fix it again!
I charge battery. Start car and shortly the battery light comes on and the battery power starts to fade. I replaced the alternator and continue to have the issue. What else should I look at?
My car still won't start after all this is done.... anyone have any suggestions of what else it can be? It's a 2000 chevrolet Malibu and only the dash lights come on when turning over lights turn off battery is only a year old. Checked the fuses and it looks good
I was on E and I filled the car up then didn't start up. I don't smell gas I don't hear the full pump kick on and i found out that the one fuze #15 was out put new one in i don't know what to really think it could be...
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