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on a 1997 chevy malibu?

Today as I started my 2011 Malibu, I noticed a slight hesitation, but after letting it warm up it seemed to be running fine. Then this evening I got in, tried starting the car and the security light came on. All of the lights on the dash lit up like a Christmas Tree, then the gauges starting moving back and forth, my car actually sounded like it was trying to start, but I had already removed the key. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be going on? This is the first time it has ever done anything like this.
Thank you

I don't know whether its a fuse are its just stuck.

I have replaced the fog light switch. I am frustrated. its hard to watch my speed limit at night.

my wife heard a noise from the motor , i had it check out it was fine it still read nothing

I've continuously been adding coolant to my car and every time I look back in it I see there is a gray/beige sludge-like substance on the cap and in the tank. What could be leaking in to cause this? Oil has been suggested to me, and if that's it, how costly is it to repair a leak like that?

Another thing: Jiffy Lube charges $80 for a coolant flush, and Aamco charges $170. Is there any reason to take it to Aamco and pay more than twice what Jiffy Lube charges?

it can be jump started by another car but drains the portable jump starter with no lights or clicks

When I get this msg, I lose all power steering. But, then, I just shut the car off and restart and that temporarily fixes the problem. Also, the steering wheel starts moving on its own and makes wierd noises

The check engine light came on after I replaced the front break pads. is there something I need to reset after replacing the pads?

I start vehicle and go a short distance to the store when I go to start it again it starts up and then it quits and goes into theft mode,i have found that if I hit the key fob and unlock all of the doors it starts,seems to happen in cold weather ?

The temperature gauge on my 2000 Chevy Malibu LS (3.1L V6)started going up very high, and sometimes into the red and the light would come on. However, the car is DEFINITELY NOT OVERHEATING. It has gotten to the point where the gauge is always at 75% or so, and goes up into the red and back down as I drive. Occasionally when this happens, the car will just shut off, however turns right back on. In addition:
- No heat will come out of the vents
- I am loosing coolant somehow. It's not leaking out of the tank, but some of the hoses have a sticky film on them.
- There is a beige color sludge-like goo in the coolant tank.

I don't have a lot of money and everyone I talk to tells me the problem is something different. I need to get this repaired but I need to know what needs repairing and how much it should cost. If you need any other information please just ask, and I can also show you pictures of inside the coolant tank and the location of the hoses that have the film on them.

Thank you so much in advance,

Neither my taillights or my Dash lights are working; can't see how fast im going in the dark.

this is happening the car will spit and sputter. It doesn't do it all the time however and today I went to start it and it turns over but won't start. The rpm gauge goes all the way over to the 7 and my mph gauge is reading at 30mph without the car starting. We recently replaced the battery and fuel filter. Any ideas on the problem? It's a 6 cylinder Malibu LS

I tried tapping the key, and WD-40,still could not turn the key?

the key will not turn??????

I mean the needle that point on my speed,rpm, temp and gas. Note I did turn the know to bright it. everything come bringht but not the needles( gages) they stay dime

Doubt the two are related could it be oil or coolant leak?

And it will not start, or even crank.

I am trying to find some documentation on how this part is lubercated. My extended warranty company states that it is not internally lubercated and the shop that has my car states that it is. I am just looking for some clarification on this, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I recently changed my turning signal light switch, but now the blinkers start blinking and sometimes stop blinking like if they turn off

Flashing or staying on when starting. the fuel pump is running when trying to start it. but still won't start any suggestions please help!!!

i waited for it to warm up and found that the gas cap was loose so i figure moisture got down in the tank added some Heat to the tank waited a bit it started right up and now again won't start but it's been ok in temperatures gas cap is warn a bit but i'm wondering if this is really the problem any suggestion other than gas cap it cranks and try's to turn over?

Water leaks from top of engine.

Problem is intermittent. Steering wheel does not lock even with key out.

ago.when i test drove
,it is puling left.Is this a reccuring problem that i should be worried about.

Balancer needs to be change and I don't know how. Thank you.

My 2000 chevrolet malibu brake have been grinding. I grought it into Big O Tire and they quoted me:

Qty 1. Brake pads - Front, premium - OE ceramic $108.66
Qty 2. Brake rotor only - front - premium $139.90
Qty 2. Wheel Cylinder - Rear $79.90
Qty 1. BFRE. Front brake replacement $99.95
Qty 1.8 hours. LAB. Wheel cylinder - R&R Bith $173.43
Qty 1. SS. Shop Supplies $41.01

Overall TOTAL: $720
Parts: $328.46
Labour: $273.38
Other: $41.01
Sub-total: $642.85
Tax: $77.15

TOTAL: $720

Is this an okay deal??

The engine cranks after stalling, but does not turn over. After 15 or 20 minutes the engine starts, but then repeats the same process. The theft light has not come on the last 2 months. Is this a passlock issue, a relearn issue, a fuel pump issue, a fuel filter issue or an ignition lock issue? Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it?

My mechanic says a front end alignment NOT necessary after replacing the lower control arm. Service Center who wants to do the replacement says I need to have it done following their installation of the control arm. Who is correct??

car shifts fine then at 30 seems slow shifting so guess its slipping.rpms seem to be fine as it will rev up if you drop down to 2 on gear shift it slows down going up hills.i am thinking of buying this car for $650 but not sure what the problem is or how much it will cost to fix.