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Hello. I have a 2003 chevy malibu that I just bought a brand new battery for because my other one tested bad and my car will still not start. I really know nothing about cars but the battery is hooked up tight and securely. When you open the doors the lights come on when you turn the key all the dash stuff and radio etc come on but when you turn again to start all I get is a clicking noise and inside it's almost as if the battery is losing power or something is sucking power from the battery
When the engine is revved over 3000rpm, it starts making a knocking sound. Had check engine error scan and had a camshaft error.
the temperature gag goes down and get back normal many times while driving ?

any one has this issue ?
thank you
Went to auto zone and had battery and alternater checked. Battery bad. Car would not start. I have had same battery since 2003. Just now went bad. Car will not turn over all the time. In last 30 mins. Got it to start 3 times.sounds like it's out of gas but I put gas in it today.
Works fine for a little while then becomes hard to turn. Turning key off and then back to on it begins to work fine. What could be the problem?
How is the fuel pump replaced on a 2011 chevrolet malibu?
Also my rpm guage just started bouncing. What could be the cause of this?
check engine
light got checked, it was on for 7 months, it was catalytic convertor can I fix with it with a new O2 sensor or should I replace the catalytic converter?
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