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my sending unit on my 2005 malibu went bad. and the check engine light was on. i changed the complete fuel pump and gas cap. check engine light is still on? have had the error cleared but the light still comes on? any ideas? do i need to drive the car for a specified number of miles?
my timing chain broke bout 2 weeks ago an was told by another mechanic that the timing chain was in a separate compartment an that my car was still driveable is this true.
After replacing the turn signal on my 2008 Malibu the turn signal still isn't cancelling after turn left or right even on the new one I just put it ??? Help ???
When I put my car in reverse it will go back a bit then seem like it's stuck on something. The first time it happened I even got out of my car to see if there was something under my tire to which there wasnt. Other than that the car works great. What could this be?
Engine light came on, air conditioning stopped working
the taillights work in blinker and hazard and back up lights work but no taillights when the headlights are turned kept blowing fuses so the relay was removed and put back in and when the car was not running, the taillights came on when the headlights came on....but when the car got started the taillights blew and so did the dashboard???????????/....
Salesman never told me Premium gas was recommended. Can I use 87 Octane ?
I'm very upset he never mention this.

I just purchased a 2017 Malibu.
Power windows don't work
Just need to know how to put the seals on a transmission cooling line 2000 chevy malibu
Ordered key fob is it ok to drive my 2011 Malibu without tmps not learned is there a way to do it without key fob?
I had an instance where it seemed my remote was not connecting or could have been out of power. This time it was the battery that needed to be replaced but it made me wonder if there was a way I could use the "key" on the remote fob to start it. Is there?
Had to get a jump for my 2011 Malibu now my PSI has no reading on my Dash what do I need to do to have it reset to read thank you
Usually the engine light comes on and it says engine disabled. I will sit for about 1 minute, restart it and go. Why is that.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Usually in the morning
How long have you had this problem? Couple weeks
My headlights and my hazard light work, however my blinker has stopped working. Before it stopped all together you could move the hazard button around; hold it, and get the blinker to work. Now no matter how much you move it it won't work.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Moving the hazard button used to work
How long have you had this problem? 4-6 months
I was wondering could it be the temperature the weather outside one day it was warm in the 80s and the next day the temperature dropped it was a lot cooler like low 50s would that have anything to do with the tire pressure and should I just forget about it since the light don't come on now and it doesn't say add air thank you for your help Tina m.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Seems to change on different days with different temperature
How long have you had this problem? Just a couple times this week with the weather temperature dropped alittle
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