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The connection to sensor. My cooling fans run all the time and my temp gauge doesn't work. Ideas??

,but I turn on the ac and it trips the fuse,and then no gauges and no ac.can someone help me please.

Dies when coming to stop in auto manuel.doesn't die as often but it been gearing itself up and down while.driving and sounds horrible.when it.changes gears

It makes a lot of noise when you first try to crank it and the engine light will not go off. 2010 Chevrolet Malibu 170,000.

It looks like some lether melted a little bit. Can I get a marker or paint to fix it?HELP

I really don't know what to say except it happened tow days ago.

Rpm range too high

From2nd to 3rd

Is the in and out exhaust hook ups 21/2 inches

ESC Traction control message comes on intermittently car jerks slightly but then it goes away, i have replaced the MAF sensor twice and that took care of the CEL - the service trac /ESC light comes on everytime a sensor throws a CEL - it almost seems like a switch or connector keeps coming loose as it goes on then is fine...must be electronic ? Drives great cept for that PLEASE HELP

Sometimes the speedometer works, most times it shows speed over 60 MPH even when stopped, and the needle bounces around and won't reset to zero at times. Turning key on and off sometimes will reset to zero, but often not.

I just recently had my transmission repaired too and engine rebuilt

Won't go past 40mph.

how to access rear turn signal bulb

Check engine light on,ECM code, cars jerk as you take off an gears change

2015 Malibu

Comes on for s week or so then goes off.

The car parked because problem code 258 what is the problem and what is the solution ?

Please give me solution in quickly time ..

Heater core leaking

Can't figure out what it is. It appears to be an air hose or vacuum hose. But can't find a helpful diagram. Thanks.

The bar in the front recently broke and popped.

Everytime I start my car it sounds really loud, not like a car should sound especially in the mornings when it's been off all night. Sometimes it smells like oil or gas coming through the vents when I first start it too.

Was I supposed to do anything else after changing these two sensors Because my car is running worst then it did. Before I changed the out the sensors. It's running rich uses a lot of gas. The add link is really roughshuts off at times even when driving.

Yesterday we had a big snow storm and my car has not so great tires. I got stuck quite a few times. The last time that I got stuck, I noticed that it was really hard to turn the wheel and that the car was overheating. I got home and checked the belt and power steering fluid. Both were fine.

So I'm just wondering how can I tell if the power steering pump went or if it is the rack and piston?

The backlighting has stopped working on the panel where the gas gauge is.

this was all of a sudden thing everything else is ok. the dash guages just stopped one day. I have located the fuse box in the car and changed the all the fuses and still same issues.

need to add fluid?

My security system has me locked out and won't even crank. Had a problem with it having to reset it off and on for several months. It got to where it would crank but just not start at all. New fuel pump and ignition switch, but still nothing. When I turn the key to "on" the dash lights up but there is a yellow symbol of a car with a lock going thru it. I have tried every way on the intent to do the relearn procedure to no avail. I really netted help on either how to fix it or bypass the security system. Need help!!!

I have milky oil water from exhaust with the timing chain driving the water pump is it possible for antifreeze to get into the engine oil there are no external leaks.

ignition problem