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My car has been saying this for months that it's running on lean. I just want to know how to fix this and if I can do it myself or do I have to go to a mechanic.
I have been having major issues with this car for the past 2 years. Car would run for a few days then it would not crank or do anything for a couple days also.Lights,radio and windows work but would not crank.Had the Chevy dealer look at it. Said it was a bad (CBM). Had it replaced, car ran good for a week then sat in driveway for 2 weeks no crank again. Took it back to dealership,said the battery was bad. Replaced that also. Ran good for a few months. Now check engine light is on,airbag light is on,headlight bulbs keep blowing,trunk release button stopped working,Cd player does not work anymore and lack of power going up hills. Had the starter tested passed that test. Have had two different techs look at it and both do not have a clue, one said it could be the (ECM) the other gave up in frustration. Please Help.
to tow 4 wheels down which fuse is removed so the battery wont die while towing and where is it
New spark plugs one had went all the way down and the guy put it the way it was suppose to be and put it back then got a new core pack on but it turns over but wont crank its trying but something not catching
just started making a pop noise when i turn left. like a hard pop noise.
The rain leaks and runs down from ,the top inside door panel on the passenger side and soak my rugs...
I have a 2003 Chevy Malibu and the speedometer and fuel gauge do not work. The temp gauge and rpm ones do work. Also a few warning lights come on as well. When I’m going the speedometer only goes up to about 10mph when I’m noticeably going faster than that.
car will not hold start. it turns off
signals won't cancel. I have replacement part but can't get the column cover off.
Had to jump my 2011 Chevy Malibu left the lights on noticed that the TPMS had to be relearned was not reading on my dashboard so I checked it manually with the tire gauge for a couple days and suddenly it started reading again on its own on the dashboard is that okay did it reset itself been working fine thank you Tina
I just need to know where the spark plugs so I can clean them
Trunk latch catches but won't stay caught. The emergency release lever in trunk may have been pulled, how do I reset it?
my sending unit on my 2005 malibu went bad. and the check engine light was on. i changed the complete fuel pump and gas cap. check engine light is still on? have had the error cleared but the light still comes on? any ideas? do i need to drive the car for a specified number of miles?
my timing chain broke bout 2 weeks ago an was told by another mechanic that the timing chain was in a separate compartment an that my car was still driveable is this true.
After replacing the turn signal on my 2008 Malibu the turn signal still isn't cancelling after turn left or right even on the new one I just put it ??? Help ???
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