Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Questions

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T/C dummy light comes on.. Why.
The bulbs work but the blinker doesn't blink to signal that I am going to make a left turn. What could the problem be?
The rear lights, running lights, flood lights and high beam lights all work. But the license plate light doesn't work. Any thoughts?
Is not the oil. I checked and is ok. I recently change the oil.

Let me add that the alarm has its issues. Works when wants to. Before the incident my mother locked the car and yesterday did not worked. I believe that I could be the computer that burns?
Driving down the road, my vehicle began to shake and make a noise like something was sticking. The shaking comes and goes, but always comes back relatively quick. Then the brakes began to smoke.
No matter if the switch is turned on or off they stay om.
i need a body shop

can you help me to get some estmates
wind caught door and slammed shut with a blanket over the lock and will not open now.
ck engine code reported oil pressure sender. have part but cannot find location. need assistance. tk you
My 2004 Malibu Maxx has only 72,000 miles on it and I have had to have the rack and pinion replaced on it because my steering went out on it. Previous to it going out for about a week or so I would hear creaking noises when I turned the wheel. The mechanic I took it to said the rack and pinion was all chewed up. That was less than a month ago and now my car is making the same creaking/clunking noise when I turn the wheel. I'm afraid it is going to go out again. I know there is a recall for the power steering, which there are no parts for, but this is more serious than that.

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