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AC is turned to heat but it won't generate heat until I'm at highway speeds. Goes cold when I slow. Defroster is pointless with foggy windows. Barely works. Thoughts?
Steering was fine but recently drags when I turn it even gently. Feels like the days when the power steering fluid was low.
While driving electrical system fades out and engine starts to loose power until eventually stalling. This has happened several times. Mechanics insist that its the alternator, but when removing the alternator and having it tested on a machine it tests good.
I have replaced all bulbs and they keep going bad. Not sure what the problem can be that keep making the bulbs go bad. I even replaced the front headlights and still keep having the same issues.
the motor is a 3500
I would have to wiggle it and turn the key back and forward numerous of times before a click sound is heard and the key would come out.
It jus fell out, what hold it in ?
I just put a new battery in but now when I drive the car stops and say engine power reduce
then gas gauge starting going eratic up and down sometimes full and sometimes empty and hard time refueling lots of pres user and like it was full but it was really full ,and already we
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