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I replaced the ecm in my 2004 malibu maxx 3.5l v6, and following instructions provided with computer (turn key to on for 10 mins without starting, 5 seconds off, 10 mins on, 5 seconds off, 10 mins on, 5 seconds off, try to start) but it still isnt recognizing the key. Will not turn over, will not start. Whats going on
My 2005 Malibu Maxx is making a loud squealing noise and I've been trying to look for a place to check the power steering fluid but can't seem to find any place to check it
I brought me a scanner car code an it's not scan no codes at all an my front tie rode is bad an other major stuff an my cruse control don't work my CD player don't work what should I do an I'm going to school and become DIESEL MECHANIC also Auto Mechanic
The pvc valve is letting oil blow by into my breather but I can't get the valve out to put a new one in this is a 3.5 motor in a 2006 Malibuaxx lt
The wiper blade is falling apart and Chevy parts is telling me I need to replace the whole arm. The arm is fine it is just the blade that needs replacing.
Shut down last night had to get a boost to start it back.up
my rear wiper won't stop. I have changed the motor and the wiper switch on the column. It is on intermitent and won't stop no matter what setting I switch to.
Replaced starter. ..then alternator acted up...replaced it...then replaced the megafuse...seemed to do well then it started back where it was after the starter replacement. Power steering failed , followed by total power loss......charged & jumped off the car...drove a couple miles and engine will not even turn over with a good battery.....
side panel under doors goes between rear and front tires, will not pass inspection for this
rod came off at latch
push/pull rod from ext.lock off
An now also seems we turn key to start not on first try . I have not noticed any leak of milage / gas usage increasing.
Catalysic Converter needs replacing my check engine light stayed on took it for diagnostic and this is the results, and that they don't make my model any more
I have a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu for a couple of days it's starting to gave me problems with Electric Power Steering so I took it to a dealership so they told me they fixed the problem reset and Calibrated the car and now two days later found out the car still not fix my car runs like a train. What should I do.
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