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Service hybrid indicator is showing on the dashboard in addition to check engine sign, what does it mean?


I’ve had this car for a year. First tank of gas got 41.5 MPG. Every tank of gas has dropped until recently, when my MPG was about 24.5 for the last tank. I get that there are many variables in how your actual MPG goes, but I’m not driving in any way “out of the ordinary”. The car dealer tells me “if there’s no error being shown, there’s nothing wrong – and bringing it here will be a waste of time.”. I beg to differ. I’ve gone as far as talking to upper “problem resolvers” within Chevrolet corporate, and they insist that I bring the car to a dealer to have it checked out – a dealer that has already told me I’d be wasting my time. As a 40-year customer of GM, they don’t seem to want to help, much less care. I insist that a car that is stated on the sticker with 47/43 MPG should NOT be getting 24.5 MPG under any circumstances, and each tank of gas should not be showing a downward slide in MPG. I don’t know if I have any options here. What do you think?

Thank you!

It does not stay on continuously.
I am slowing down ? The spark plugs and coil packs have bee replaced. I had the transmission checked and an engine compression test done and every thing checks out good, however the sputtering/chocking is still happening.
What does service hybrid mean.every other day
car still runs--maybe something wrong hybrid battery? How much is battery
Now we have service hybrid and check engine light on. What does this mean? It still runs ok. No hybrid system working like normal. We had the ECM read and we got P0011 code camshaft position sensor. any ideas?
Car temperature go up to 198 and it is jecking why driving when the service hybrid light come on
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