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why does the module under the coils go bad?
Been looking for the Module and relay behind glove box. Can't seem to find.Key only year old, don't know how to use voltage meters. Found a wide relay on right side,a cube relay middle, little more to left, cube relay, told there's one more(TDM relay) is it behind something? I can hear the clicking, can't pin point? ? Leonard
I know its low on fluid due to steering stiffness and noise when turnin0 so i cant find the filling and checking spout help
Every time I connect the windshield wiper fluid container, my battery dies. The mini-pump is still connected to the cables but my car only dies when its plugged into the container.
It putts and back fires and then dies
The left turn signal was no longer resolving after turns.
OIl light keeps coming on and it doesn't need oilps
The wire stays hot even without the key a penny fell in the library hole and shorted it out
Just bought the car, found a guy to do brakes, but I have to buy the parts, so brake shoes for the rear are easy to find, but the drum is a little harder. I don't know the last time brakes have been done, and it sounds bad, but do I have to have new drums each time I switch out the brake shoes?
New battery installed. Oil light was coming on at stop or when slowing when restarts sounds like loud exhaust and a slapping sound. Is it the timimg
No fuses plowed it works sometimes
Rattling noise when driving down the road, and solid thump when a dips in the road
When driving down the road you can hear it hey rattling in the back when you go on a dip sometimes feels like it hits something
Got took on new starter.Car still won't start.Can jump starter car will run a sec.and key has a resistor chip on it.and security light flashes now.before it was on all the time
Was driving yesterday and car started running hot added water but it was going straight in my oil? Someone said I might have a blown head gasket so I added bars leaks block seal intake &radiator tonight it seems too be holding water but idling rough
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