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Trying to replace brake light bulbs. Looks like a clip inside and don't want to break it.
While driving, my high beams were on, the lights went out,(Side lamps, blinkers hazards all sill worked) I franticly jerked the high/low switch on the steering wheel they came back on went out again and now they dont come on. The switch turn the inside lights and side lamps on they are all fine. DOnt know if it needs a relay and where that would be, or if the problem is in the high/low switch on the sterring column and how to replace that thanks
I've replaced both temp sensors and relays to fan. Replaced switch on the steering column and checked all wired connections i can see.. Any ideas?
Some one suppested hatch switch might be on or something like that but dont know where it is located.
they all started auctioning up at once. I replaced the alternator. then the battery. but that did not fix the problem. the alternator is showing discharge and the warning buzzer is going off when you turn on the lights.
I can trying to figure out the problem with my electrical system. Battery is new. Alternator is charging when running at 14+. When I let the car sit over night, the battery is dead in the morning. I disconnected the alternator and did this overnight and the battery is still dead so I know it's not a guy owed on the alternator.

However when I try to check the parasitic draw, it shows no amps. Is there something wrong with my meter? I know I have a good connection.
I haven't had a chance to jack it up and take a closer look at it yet, but my front end makes a lot of noise. It pops when I put the car from park to either drive or reverse, it creaks and groans when I turn the wheels with no gas to them (not a power steering pump/fluid issue), and squeaks when driving down the road.
My mechanic said in July he was getting a code related to the throttle position. When accelerating or in stop/go traffic it is starting to act rough. Any ideas where to start? The TPS sensor was changed over a year ago.
i have changed the engine control computer the electronic spark control module the ignition coil all to no avail i have an inline spark checker that i have hooked up from the coin to the distributor cap and get no spark at this point im completely at a loss before i made the decission to change the computer i had gotten a trouble key and checked the codes wasnt anything that would tell me where to look
I've opened the panels and see that one of the many bars has come off! The problem is I can't see where it should be attached? It's the one that runs directly from the outside handle! Is there a place online where I could find the scamatics?
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