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and now won't start will turn over but act like no fuel is getting to it

How do you install power window guide? Snap onto window and just jam it in the track?


How do you install a new starter in a 1993 Chevy Lumina APV?

were is the fuel pump located

the sliding door on my van came off an I need to know how to put it back on

I only have a problem starting when its wet out and my van has sat more than 8 hours. I was told most likely a crack in the distributor cap.Any ideas or suggestions? Also any step by step instructions how to change cap and rotor as I;ve heard they should both be done.

Tengo problemas para encender en la mañana, luego de un rato de intentar,prende y corre bien por un rato pero luego se apaga (se apaga en los altos, no corriendo) yo desconecto el sensor map y cambia un poco su conportamiento, pero no se que pueda ser.
:Agradesco de antemano la ayuda

Normall running temp and it sputters and dies but once cold it will start and run till work again and then die till cold

it overheats and i lose power when i drive it only 100 yds. it leaks right behind the tension pulley

The driver's door will not close. What can I door to release the lock?

Greetings I have a Lumina APV mini vans 1992 3.8 engine my problem is I do not have strength to run and minimum is very unstable and vibrates much put a wire on terminals "B" and "A" connector obd1 appears fault code 56 "quad driver module". I can do

Van will sometimes stop when hot, usually when idling at a stop, or won't start some times. Replaced fuel pump and checked most fuses.

Van some times won't start when cold, or when hot. Use starter fluid and it will start up then.

If use starter fluid, will usually start up.

wipers will not come on once in a while they will start working then stop usually mid windshield then if you hit a bump they will go back and stop. my daughter said someone told her they were too tight? any ideas would be great as i am poor and it is raining again thanks

im driving and my headlights cut off. my high/low beam light switch is located on my turn signal switch. i have to pull it forward to go from low-high beam. i pulled to turn to low beams on and the switch wont catch or hold. it sometimes clicks and stays on and sometimes doesn't. i now have to drive holding the steering wheel and turn signal switch on at the same time. trying to drive and keep the switch pulled forward is difficult. what is the problem?

i was driving and my headlights cut off. i turned them back on but the switch didn't hold. i had to drive and hold the switch at the same time. sometimes it stays sometimes it doesn't.

The hazards all work and the turn signals don't.

The Van goes to critical temp and still fan will not work or even hum

fuses are ok

all the gauges are out of wack

creeking noise when stopping and bumps in road and rearend noise at 50mph and when braking

My alternator has failed. I purchased a used one for $35 in 1998, and it has been great till now....good run for $$.. I am 71 years old; on Soc.Sec. and cannot afford much..need to find out what rebuilt alternators cost near zip 06281...Thx, Sarah

I have a can of freon hooked up but will not empty can. ac is on compressor not running, and extreme pressure on filler hose

How do you hookup RH front door latch to handle?

When warm, starter will engage but immediately disengage when engine fires.
This began after daily ambient temperatures began to settle in above 40 degrees. I only mention this because the engine also began to develop a backfire about the same time. The backfire would occur when I would ease off the gas pedal during low speed acceleration, or when the engine slowed following a shift to a higher gear.
I thought the change in ignition behavior may be somehow tied to the unusual starter condition.

Any answers out there? (About the starter or ignition issue)

It started and ran well all winter. Has new alternator, fuel pump and filter, year old starter, new MAP sensor, New Throttle Position Sensor, New distributor and wires, new battery.

what can be done if the motor is locked up

hard to turn

I am new to repairing vehicles, but doing good so far. I wanted to know what exactly I would need to get to replace tie rods for my van? Keep getting told different things just wanted an exact answer. Also, replacing a leaking fuel filler neck? The parts are discontinued any ideas?