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front seat back is broken. I have a replacement. how do I unbolt it from the floor?
what is the Dorman part number for the front door window glass guide. the front most one of the front doors. little black winged fold-in-half plastic that pops onto the hole in the glass,. theres many different part numbers ones... and auto zone etc are useless and dont know how to look them up in their system. i dont want to order wrong ones.. thanks
window on driver side jumps off track
codes as follows: 22 1/4 TP volt low reading is .77-.80
24 2/4 VSS no signal
33 MAP sensor high reading is 29 KPA volts.97-.99
45 O2 high volts reading is .07-.99
we have also installed a new MAP and TPI sensor and run Sea Foam thru both fuel tank and and injectors on top of motor.
we are trying to track down cause of a lean O2 sensor,a bad maf is listed as one of the possible causes. does this even have one? I see them listed in the Chiltons as on only a 3.8 motor.
fans will not come on
The #1fan won't come on. #2 fan comes on at 230 temp. Air conditioner clutch doesn't kick in either at idle
replaced fuses in glove box. replaced relays and breakers in electrical box under pass. side dash. is there any others i'm not aware of? Any diagrams of what relays/breakers are needed in fuse box under dash?
when i start the van i have to rev the engine to keep it going or else it will stall. i have to keep my foot on the brake while keeping the RPMS up so that the engine will not stall. on the freeway there is no problem as the van RPMS are up and the alternator is suplying juice; however when i slow down or take my foot off the acclerator it will want to stall and i see my voltage meter drop. i am at my whits end with this van. i replaced the battery and alternator yesterday,i have resealed upper and lower manifold gaskets, new spark plugs in the past 3 months, new fuel filter in the past year, new MAF sensor, new idle air control valve. i have no idea what would be causing this. please help me resolve this it is my only vehicle.
Hello, I have a 1990 Lumina APV van that periodically after running a little while, the Temp starts going halfway up and if I accelerate more heavily it will get really hot! The big problem while driving will happen when I come to a stop. The engine just goes dead sort of like if you can imagine driving a manual transmission car coming to a complete stop and not engaging the clutch....This is how my van feels when it starts heating up and I come to a stop...Then I will have to put it out of gear and crank it, But then when I put it back in gear it will go dead again... If anyone can help me figure out a fix for this I would be so thankful! Thanks!
I want to change it. The coolant fan runs sporatically at best. I want to connect it somewhere so that the ignition turns it on and off and with a separate relay. Where can I connect it?
We had the gas pump, gas filter, and battery replaced but won't start.
window motor was replaced by friend and came loss and swinging in door. I need to fix it myself
Leak terminates at bottom of oil filter adapter. But all mounting surfaces are flat and new gaskets. Possible leak originates in intake manifold or valve cover?
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