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It Idles Rough A service traction Control light stays on an engine light also . its throwing these codes p0301 p1174
It is not a fuse
Lights been on for a week....
Light stays on always when engine is on
Water in gas tank
Jumped because wouldn't start. Changed ignition switch as security kept coming on as well as battery light. Will not start and key doesn't go back to on.
How do i change back. 3 spark plugs in Chevy impala 2008
The fan stopped blowing, the main box fuses seem to only control the motor fan
Sounds are coming from where the serpentine belt runs on the pulleys
PSP reservoir bone dry after 5 miles driving no leaks near or around pump, replaced high pressure line, return line no leaks, leaks at center front subframe.
When outside temperature goes up a/c cuts off. Will come back on if I turn fan to a higher setting
Does a vapor canister have anything to do with an a/c cutting off while it's running happens when it's really hot outside
Don't know where my hazard light switch is
Intermittent and comes on for no apparent reason. Will this affect the wear of tires. All 4 tires have dips in them for no aparent reason. Tires are not vey old and tire company says it is not from their work manship
Squeals when turning check engine light on just today right side shakes while moving, seems to lose power-shaking just started today 4 blocks from home-squealing occasionally, not always, began last week
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