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I have gotten a new alternator and new battery it pops up maybe 1 minute after I start the car. I have had people hook it up to see what it could be but its not seeing anything wrong with it.
Before i cleaned the mass air flow sensor &it ran good for a while but this time i replaced the sensor,changed the sparkplugs & replaced the transmission filter but no change.3.4L
I replaced the mass air flow sensor,transmission filter and spark plugs but no change.
Loaud noise under hood usually when starting car. Also noticed small dtipping leak coming from under car when backing up to park.
The car starts fine but wont come out of park The abs light is on as well as the brake light and traction control light
car keeps over heating has leak in coolant somewhere. thermostat was checked and working.
How to replace flasher relay
My engine and radiator overheats after a mile or two of driving once the radiator overheats there's a small leak underneath the hose from the radiator that distributes the fluid from the radiator to the engine block could this be caused by corrosion could this be fixed by Flushing the radiator it was leaking from a black piece underneath the hose on the side of the radiator same place it is leaking from now over a month ago I put some block seal in it and it stopped but when it heats up is the only time at leaks from there could this be corrosion build up can it Be fixed by just Flushing
Car starts with no problem , after driving with no specific amount of time, it shuts off, after waiting no specific amount of time trying to restart the car it starts again only to shut off again
I was on my way from Alma to Reed City when it went out
When I turn left, I hear a grinding noise on the left front side of vehicle, the car stalls/ seize up for a few seconds...then I can precede to driving. The abs light is on, service stabilitrak light, traction control light and the brake assist light is on. I have numerous similar individuals online complaining of the same thing. This is a 2011 Chevy impala with approximately 115,000 miles. It has been doing this for a few months.
what do u think i should be looking to replacing
My Car will crank go in reverse an in drive! But I mash the celerator it want do anything! It's been this way for a while I was told I needed a fuel pump! Got it still doing the same thing please tell me what's going on
When you turn on heat an air
When this happens all the lights inside the car are on but car want start. If I turn the switch to on position and leave it a while it will start. It use to happen about once every four to five months, recently its happen four times in two weeks. The longest wait period before it would start was thirty minutes.
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