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oil lite comes on

would like to know what it is

When you turn the air conditioner or the heat on it makes the tapping sound and the dashboard and then even when the car is turned off everyone's want me to tapping sound but it was after a minute or so

On the hood of my car been kept in mint condition

every time I start the car sometimes it may run a little longer

have tried everything but continues to lose pressure and after acceleration it becomes low
will not acerlarat over 4000 rpms

Where is the camshaft position sensor located at on a Chevy impala 2006 3.5

Have two cylinders not working, one needs to be reground and has disconnected piston. Price I was quoted was too much -- another mechanic suggested total engine replacement.

My airbag service light came on today 3/29/2017 after I ran over a skateboard. First time this has happened.

How can I fix my gas needle it stuck and will not move stay s at the bottom of the gauge

Is it OK to disconnect at the rear of the car where the carbon canister connects to the under body tube and at the purge solenoid at the engine to use shop air to clear the tube before installing the new solenoid to prevent any carbon particles from plugging up the new solenoid and prevent it from getting plugged again as a precaution.

It makes the sound until it gets warmed up but still makes a little after that even. I am tired of getting ripped off I am a female and not a lot of money

check engine light comes on for tighten gas cap. replaced it twice comes on every other tank of gas. I need to know the fuel relief pressure

Just had the oil changed today at Walmart.

I saw on the 2000 Impala it did, so does the 03 have one too? I can tap my hazard light switch and the blinkers will work one time or maybe 20 times, and then it stops again.

the radio is at full vol. by the way.

The car starts and seems to operate early in the day and on highways. It stalls out in traffic. We've had numerous so called "mechanics" who've diagnosed our car and tried, unsuccessfully, to fix it. My wife and I are retired and rely on this vehicle as our main source of transportation. Can you help?

Car hasn't been shut off yet but I'm not trying to wait on them to shit it off cause I want pay or can't pay there insurance right now!!!

My 2009 chevy impala has 200,000 miles. I know with this amount of miles major maintenance is required, but i have this vibration feeling when im at a stop light or in park that i can feel while pressing the brake pedal. Rmps seem fine. Any help will be appreciated

Car winning. Leaking fliud

What would make loud acceleration motor sound while driving, but quiet at idle?

Check engine light comes on when key is turned on. A clicking sound comes from passenger side when key is off. No lights and car won't start. This is first and only time.

The side view mirror was hit and broken off the passengers side.

I went outside to start my car it didn't start no click or nothing but all my lights were on radio on was able to roll my windows up and down... Went got a jump nothing but still is able to cut everything on... Any suggestions to what it might be?

the code comes up as P0300 mutil miss fire I changed the spark plug wires

the service stabilitrak light come on while driveing

Both are 3.5 L V6 motors are they interchangeable? I called GM and they told me yes.

Driver turned ignition but car won't turn over how do I get it to start

error code P16D0

My steering wheel is unlocked but when I stick my key in the ignition it won't turn