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Whenever the lights come on, the car makes a loud beep every 10 seconds.
I have a 2010 impala, my check engine light kept coming on so I ran some codes on it come to find out i had to replace my throttle body! It still acts the same I can only drive it for 15/20 minutes before it starts to idle and then eventually die when I come to a complete stop, everywhere I take it don't know what wrong because the engine light ant on
i want to buy a new 2017 or 2018 impala. why on earth did they stop including them in these models. i will not by any car without a cd player. i am tired of hearing "bluetooth & streaming". dumb move on their part. the LTZ is the only model that has one. but that is a $40,000 car!
thanks, mark
Need to know where fuel lines connect to on gas tank and fuel pump 2007 impala
I bought a 2005 Chevy implala realized I had no heat started to look at the blower motor and realized the wiring to it was cut in half looks like someone cut the pig tail out I don't know which wire goes to which
3.5L v6 flexfuel. Feels like the whole vehicle is vibrating, almost like ABS but slightly less intense. Always happens from a stop, wheels straight or turned. I don't accelerate very quickly from stops. Letting off the gas for a moment then accelerating again makes the rumbling stop. Front tires are maybe halfway through their lifespan, rears just got changed changed a month ago. I took it to a shop a couple months ago for the same problem, got the following replacements: Delco control arms, Delco front hub assys, (MOG?) F sway bar link kits, (DTM?) Eng mount hydraulic, (WES?) Trans mount, akebono ceramic f/r brakes, (CEN?) f/r H.C. coated discs. Car was driving smoothly after service, until about 2 weeks ago. Mechanic was just replacing anything he saw needed some tlc (he knew im student on a budget), but seemed a bit stumped by the description I gave him and was unable to replicate it himself. Sometimes it'll happen once in 5 trips; sometimes twice/several times in one trip. I don't r
When I'm driving my car jerks real hard. Or when I'm at a light or stop sign it doesn't want to go.
It’s getting colder in northern Michigan, went to defrost my windows and turn the heat on and even at normal operating temp it’s still ice cold. It does however seem to try and overheat while stepping on the gas pedal, my transmission fluid is topped off and just got the oil changed.
2008 Impala auto trans
squeals when starting
drives for a few blocks and slowly slips out of gear
appears to be in neutral and requires time with the engine off then a restart.

replaced trans no leaks and not the motor.
is this even worth the trouble? I do not want to spend more than 500$?
The turn signals work but there is no noise coming from them, no seat belt noise, no door chime either. How do I fix this?
There is no sound. There no air, hot or cold. Nothing is blowing out as if i did not even turn it on. It worked earlier this morning got back in the car about an hour later and just nothing.
Car drives fine with steady acceleration. When coming to a stop or slowing down with foot off accelerator it just dies.
have 1992 I just smashed the engine has 111500 miles never leaked a drop of oil car totaled i have a 1998 i can buy bad motor will the swap
I was just driving my car and came to a ref light and my car acted like it went to take off but then would not accelerate or reverse. After pushing to the gas station near by it starts, runs and shifts into every gear but will not go forward or reverse at all. The rpms go up but it will not move. I did hear a little winding noise right before which isn't common ever before. My belt is fine not broken and all pulleys turn when started
Is it the alternator
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