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My car threw the code for the crankshaft sensor .. we can’t find a guide anywhere to locate it ..
My engine should been extracted for a oil pump replacement, and when i started again the engine this problem started to appear on the dashboard.
My title says make: chevy
2008 ss impala wife got in this morning turn key nothing no power now key won't turn all the way off or come out dose not have any lights dome dash nothing hooked up battery charger to battery 2 amp slow charge the starter turn on a little so no charge battery good on hooked cables and cleaned terminals still nothing remotes wont do nothing thank you hope you can help scott from mi
put new water pump on drove the car to store could smell it getting hot stopped lifted the hood and the engine was hot and steamy took 3 hours to cool down checked no water in radiator but the over flow bottle is full .does not appear to be leaking from the water pump.
What are the voltages coming in and out of the thieft deterrent module as well as the neutral safety switch?
This happened in a day
The car has plenty of transmission fluid
The manual gear shifts work perfectly fine
It's just when it's on Dribe (D) when the car will not move forward
Recently changed radiator and fan assembly. At an idle temp is normal, but just a few moments of driving the engine overheats and I get engine overheat warning on the instrument cluster. The fans are working properly, upper and lower radiator hoses are hot but the radiator itself is cool to the touch, as if no coolant is flowing through it.
it's been sitting up for 2 years
Says Odometer Error on my dash which is also causing my Avg Fuel Mileage to not work along with both Trip A&B none of the avg speed or fuel economy stuff works. It says Fuel Range Low no matter if there's a full tank of gas or if there's a 1/4 tank. Doesn't show anything for how many miles are on my car. What could cause this and what maybe the possible solutions for fixing this issue??
I am leaking trans fluid from my radiator connections, when my car is off. I believe it is the upper and lower/in and out connections. I recently lost a lot of trans fluid because my dipstick/filler tube broke where the weld attached to filler tube. Went to check fluid level and pulled the dipstick out and the filler tube slipped out of trans casing, resulting in fluid loss. Upon replacement of fluid, Auto zone gave me DexMerc to use, and I asked them repeatedly if DexMerc was the right fluid type for my car. They guaranteed it was and to my surprise it wasn't. Was told that Dexron 6 is the compatible type after I already used DexMerc (since I can't find Dexron 3 anywhere). Can anyone tell me if fluid type has caused this problem or is it a trans sensor issue or trans filter related problem. Also just replaced radiator with brand new one so I know it's not that cause it was fine before the leak occured. Any insight to what might be causing this issue would greatly be appreciated.
D battery is fully charged
When i turn on the AC knob it blinks 3 times and turns off .whats up?
I own a 04 impala SS. Recently while checking my fluid level, the dipstick tube slipped out of the casing, and as you can imagine, it was a mess. Lost nearly all fluid. As I bought the car used I don't know what kind of fluid was last used for tranny. Went to AutoZone and they gave me DexMerc. So I replaced the lost fluid with it. Car now runs shitty. At first it was shifting lightly, then it was slipping going into 2nd gear. Now it is slipping in 1st gear at take off really bad, then engages and catches after a couple seconds and slams into gear when it finally does catch. I have a feeling that DexMerc is not the right fluid type for my car. And on another note I am now starting to leak trans fluid out of my radiator where the trans fluid goes in and out of the radiator. Can someone tell the correct trans fluid that needs to go in my car. Would really appreciate it. Thanks
car threw code for crankshaft position sensor.It is very difficult to get to,will the car stay running and not shut down
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