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Since the check air bag is on, I cannot the mileage, other features the car has? I just brought the car yesterday and the check air bag light will not go off. How do I correct this?

My hhr while driving put engine shutting down and turned off what couses this

I was in a head on collision at a decent speed, the front of my car was absolutely crushed but the rest of the car was fine, I only walked away with cuts and bruises. After I calmed down I looked to the back seat an noticed the folding seat that my sons car seat was strapped into was folded down like the latch had been pulled up. Upon further inspection I noticed that the latch had apparently broken during impact! This is a great cause for alarm for anyone driving with kids in the car. I was wondering if this has been reported before or what I can do to keep this from seriously hurting someone's child.

What could it be please someone help me

The problem started today

This car will start when and wire is ran from the starter wire but it will not start from the ignition. I checked all
fuses they were good, checked the starter relay it was good
what else could be the problem ?

dear dealer something has to b done with the power steering pump.first it cost $385 for the part then the cost to put it in. which didn't help!!!! then the battery started all kinds of trouble.then i found out a fuse label eps fuse was the problem to the power steering pump. but it kept blowing this is a shame a million dollar company needs to do recalls and quickly!!!!! also the key gets stuck when you try taking out the key,u have to stick your finger under the steer cyclinder. please help its so more thing the dash glove compantment stays open it will not shut it awful enough is enough. p;ease help show you care about your customers.

concern customer
Joan&William Medeiros

It sounds like a tractor knocking. I've had a few friends listen to it and they think it's a rod too. It had oil in it the day it broke down then after sitting for about 4 days it was bone dry. I put more oil in it and it's holding. I let a friend drive it and idk what he did to it.i can't afford to put it in the shop. What's the first thing I should do? Thanks ks in advance.

Issue: Still vibrates at high speeds 50-75 mph (I drive 120 miles M-F interstate).
Recent maintenance from my local Mechanic:
12/10/14: New ignition switch (recall)
12/21/14: 4 new Toyo tires; new GM wheel rt front ; balance; alignment.
12/30/14: 2 lower control arm bushings; swing bar bushings

Took to a local dealer who wants to replace struts, shocks, and balance for $1200. These were replaced (supposedly) at 80K by Firestone. I have 125K miles now. Can these parts wear out at 45K for an HHR? Getting a second opinion. Thanks.

Or, any other ideas?

it spasmatocally hesitates and bucks. after I pull over it seems to be all right. Have almost had a couple of accidents. I took it to my chev. dealer and they said that it was a natural brake reaction on the non skid.... I forgot the word.

its a manual. it gradually went out.

Anyone know where it is? AAA fixed last time, don't want to call them again.

After the car is started and the button on the gear shift is pressured several times with the brake it will release and shift into drive. It is happening everytime I get in the car to drive.

The oil level is still full. After getting rear ended concerned about a leak. It's a small dripping leak that started after a month of driving. Did something shift on the motor to create a transmission leak? Did something shift to create some other kind of leak?

Got rear ended and after one month of driving a leak started. Can't tell if it's oil or transmission fluid. Oil is still full so I'm guessing the leak is transmission. Please advise - troubled

All internet research points to oil pressure sending unit. Is this common? Do i need to remove the starter to get to this thing or what? thanks

Got several mechanics (not shade tree)opinion about the diagnosis I got from GM dealership. Took car in to get serviced and was told that I had a misfire on cylinder 3. Was told that motor will need to be broken down to determine if that is the actual reason my ESC indicator warning light(occasionally)keeps coming on. Followed by (not immediately and not consistent)my malfunction indicator light appears. I have in the past ran over about 3 cement parking blocks (not on purpose) was in a new shopping lot and didn't realize they were there. And about several months after those incidents those warning lights that I mentioned above comes on and off on occasion (not back to back) nor never at the same time. I feel that I have knocked something loose underneath my car that is triggering those lights to come off. But, when I take it into the dealership to explain to them what I am explaining to you now, they ignore listening to what I am telling them (instead of lifting my car up to see if I have knocked something loose)and going from there.Can you please help me out with your expertise advice.

but gains speed as i let off the gas oh and no check engine light either has anyone else had this problem yet my panel has 160,000 miles on it maybe catalytic converterbut would i have a check engine light on >?

It sounds like I am in one gear the whole starts when I get to 30 -35 mph

The gauges fall back to car off mode and do not respond unless I wiggle the key then they come back momentarily as long as you dont accelerate.

I replaced the no. 2 cyclinder replaced headlight bulb put tune up on car the check engine light went off for one day came back on what to do

Temp reading has been fluctuating 30 degrees. Use to stay around 180, Now can be as high as or more then 210.Tried to bleed system. Turned heat temp to high no fan and left cap off till therm. opened. Refilled antifreeze as needed. Is there a bleeder plug on engine?

My fan doesn't come on until 226 degress as read by the coolent temp. sensor, unless the AC is on. Do I need to worry about damaging the engine. My temperature guage stays under the half way mark. I am concerned about damage to my engine especially in hot summer months.