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Was working last night, but not 2 day
When I cut my air or A/C on, it only blows when I set it to the max setting. When I turn the switch down, no air or anything blows at all. I need to know if this is a fuse problem or what ?
Also the service ESC light is on now and it says service traction. The engine light is also on.
I know I have gas. I need to know if the sensor will cut car off if it is reporting empty when I know gas is in there. I had a repair of my brake vacuum price and it may have affected the sensor on my gas gauge and oil life ( just had oil. Hange). Will it stop my car from going if it says empty but I know I have at least 200 miles range left in the tank. I need to travel to get to my mechanic.
Why does it shut off while driving.
I'm trying to get an insurance quote, and the mice ate my owner's manual
Has there been a exhaust recall
Fuse is good. Fresh air/closed switches don't work
The lights on the dashboard all work- but none of the needles are moving at all- any help?
seem lie my Chevy her is taking longer to shift into 2nd gear the rpm's seem a little high to me.Also its getting where when I turn off the car I have to fiddle with the key it doesn't want to come out!

I jumpstarted my 2009 hhr and after I did that my car won't turn on. I checked the fuses and some of them are not working
When you trying to hit 70mph feel as if you are flooring it to get it to go
my power steering stopped working so I checked my oil and it was extremely low
Steering code is coming on intermittently. It seems like this could be a different issue than the eps motor. It's not blowing fuses, so I'm beginning to suspect the tourk sensor or possibly a 10 year old battery that may not be up to speck but still runs the car. Any comments? This is a 2007 HHR and has never been worked on for anything.
Part missing on the shifter is the place your finger goes to press the exterior button. Part #3 on listed items of shifter. Dealer said I must buy the entire shifter, and it will take 1 /12 hours for them to replace. I would like to do it myself - Instructions available?
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