Chevrolet G Series Van (G30) Questions

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Air Just blows out to defrost won’t blow out then for some reason
Turns over fine
Horn not working
I need to find the correct installation for serpentine belt (schematics) with the AC and without the AC. I changed power steering pump and had to remove S. Belt and want to be sure of correct directions and how it goes back on .
I changed power steering pump and now power steering pulley comes loose and serpentine belt comes off
It worked when I first got the van a few months ago, and just quit. The rear blower still works, and I can still feel heat coming out of the vents, but I can't turn the blower on. I have checked the fuse, can't find a relay, and know nothing about the rest. What can I do
Where is the oxygen sensor located?
Even when two mechanics put on a new belt, with one using all power to apply max tension on the belt, while the other mechanic tightens bolts: it still loosens & comes off before a 500 miles. Have owned the van since 1994 - when it was brand new. Have gone thru a minimum of a alternator dozen belts and at least 4 of the other 2 belts.
I need to know what transmission is used in my 1987 van

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Looking to upgrade frame/chasis
I have a 1995 Chevrolet G30 sportvan with a rear AC unit the pipes and the condensing unit for the rear AC are blowing cold the blower motor seems to work just fine it spins the blowers.

However all of the air is blowing underneath the blower rather than through the vents..

I'm not sure how to resolve the issue I've taken it as far as I can.
have replaced the oil seals in transmission and got a new transmission and still the bus won't shift into other gears the reverse won't work, when hit the gas pedal won't go, hear it working but not moving; i have a bluebird bus not a g series van but there was no option for bluebird
My 1996 G30 Van wont start i charged the battery and still nothing. When i turn the key to start i get nothing. No sounds of trying to start need help asap.
Brakes getting stuck. Caliper stuck., drive 55mph right front feels like a flat tire a lot of bounce?
Popping blower motor fuse. Removed wires on blower motor resistor, blower motor,and relay and still pops fuse when you turn the vent control to on.
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