Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

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While trying to replace my thermostat, I tried to remove the intake manifold and one of the bolts broke off. Now I must figure out how to remove this bolt without damaging my intake manifold.
I have change the fuse but it still keeps on blowing
I'm changing my radiator well one I took out has a heater hose connected to it and the used radiator I got doesn't have a place for that heater hose is there another place I can route that hose to?
I put 6 but still low and going slow now but reverse fine and fluid drain from coolant line
I put 6 quarts in she drive but I have to gun it in drive but reverse work fine
At start up it revs high like gas pedal is down. Turned off, tried again, same result. Turned off again, checked carb cables if stuck. Tried to start again and now just turns over. Any ideas would be helpful thanks
Timing belt gone vam won't move
it is a 1989 g20 van. the alternator will drop output and run the battery down. the battery is new and filled and when i test the alternator it puts out 14 v. I think i have a short but can't find it.
Van drove fine. Parked it for an hour. Acted like it was out of gas, put gas in (thought maybe gauge had quit), didn't help. Idles erratic, backfires with black smoke when driving. Using way more fuel than before. Runs too rough to drive. Checked for basic vac leaks.
Upon driving it backfires and sometimes stalls. Already changed plugs, spark plug wires, rotary cap, distributor cap, coil pack. Also, add fuel system cleaned and new air cleaner.
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