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It will not start back up until it sets for a while
I replaced the ignition modulator, rotor and cap

Been having some issues with rear end noise when shifting from P to D and while driving from 1st to 2nd gear. The u joints are good but there is play in the driveline. Has 150,some odd miles. Should I replace the whole rear or just the gears and bushings?

Am having a problem with the brakes on my van. Had new brakes installed about a year ago so they are in good shape. I don't use the the van that much so there is not much mileage on them. Just recently my pedal slowly started to go down to the floor and the brakes were not working properly. I took it to a friend of mine who is familiar with doing repairs on trucks. The first thing he suggested was to replace the fluid. At the time he said that the valves to drain the system were kind of rusty so we slowly started to drain the fluid from the filler cups. He did this several times while sucking out the fluid and putting new fluid in it. The old fluid was black. I left van at his house so he can work on it in his spare time. He has a garage with a lift in it. When we took the van for test drives as we periodically changed the liquid to see if the brakes would work. One thing I forgot to mention was when we step on the pedal it would go down to the floor and then all of a sudden the brakes would suddenly catch all at once and stop the van. My friend bought a master cylinder figuring that that was the cause. There was not much of a change at all. So the problem is somewhere else.Since then my friend sprayed the drain valves and was able to loosen them up.
We plan to drain the whole system and put in new break fluid.
This van break system has two parts.One for the front and one for the filler cup is small and the other filler cup is larger.

Chiltons Manual says 5 3/4 gallons seems high, maybe I am reading it wrong? 350 ci 5.7 a/c 700~trauto trans tbi

i already replaced the map sensor and that seemed to fix it for one drive (7-8 miles) sat rest of the day then on the drive home it did it again after about 1 mile what is going on with it all vacuum lines look fine and secured distributer is tight and on TDC this was so random i drive it every day no problem till out of no where

When I turn in the switch the pump runs for about 10 seconds. I was told that the pump should run for 2 seconds.

If the 2 seconds is correct, should I worry about running 10 seconds.

What will cause this.

I was on my way to work, my van didn't want to shift out of 1st. When it finally did, the speedometer quit working. A co-worker said, "check the v.s.s.

this does not happen every time I try to start vehicle

The air was blowing cold one day and not the next so I put a can of refrigerant in it and it still won't blow cold.

coolant line is needing replacement. fluid levels low. reverse but not drive or very little. will a fluid drain and change along with filter screen cleaning correct the problem?

will a filter/screen and pan gasket help this ? the fluid level check shows dirty ATF and some rust flakes.

mostly when fist get in it but will stall when stop quick any time no codes being stored.

Van starts bou won't stay running, had water on fuel tank earlier

I have a 1989 Chevy G20 conversion van with a 5.0L engine, a TH400 transmission, and a nasty metallic noise in the back. The mechanic says it's the differential and it's time to start shopping for a new/used one. Is a full replacement really necessary when the van only has 54,000 miles or could it be repaired? And for replacement-shopping purposes, how can I identify the old differential? Does it have a plate somewhere on it or an options code or something? Thanks for any help you can give me.

I recently purchased this van for hauling firewood and other uses and am trying to get it figured out. I can find the transmission dipstick and filler and the engine oil filler but both myself and a friend have tried to locate the dipstick, assuming that it would be at the front of the engine somewhere but no luck.

No sign of leak on the engine, but under the passengers door.... Excessive amount of coolant ...Very strange!!!

Goes into gear it drives and changes out great what could be my problem I've already changed the strainer and module valve

the speedometer will not move and I replace the speed sensor

how to install an air condition pump in a 1995 G-20 series cargo van. the pump is locked up and the belt is broken

what tools are needed

All was well yesterday, backed it out of driveway and parked it on road and went to start it this morning and thought the battery was dead. Then I noticed all the lights were bright, hooked up jumper cables for 20 min still nothing. It's not even trying to crank HELP PLEASE

I already changed to filter for the transmission.