Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

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There is a 4 switch panel on the ceiling just to the rear of the front seats. It has the word Colemen, in red, that is back lit. The light behind it NEVER. SHUTS. OFF. Van off - light is on. Key out - light is on. Doors shut - light is on. 24 hourse a day - light is on.The switches on the panel are labeled L. Rear, R. Rear, Sofa, and IND. I've no idea what IND is, either, by the way. Flipping the interior light switch on the dash makes no difference. This is the kind of van that appears to have an upside down boat atop it, and that you can stand up in - if that helps you picture it. For better visuals, the exterior is white and teal, the interior teal, teal, teal, teal, and oak. It's horrible and amazing. I hope someone has some notion of how I can stop the red Coleman glow of mystery.... Thanks for reading this.
What can be the problem,I have a new distributor, gasket on throttle body..
Can't figure out where on the transmission it's located. It's actuall an '89 and the part is a bwd s8030, can anyone help???
Have no current to wire to starter solonoid
Shes ran fine until then.
85 G20 series needs tune up and love never been so close to a inverted engine don't even know how to look at it lol
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