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it only happens in the morning, when it is cold. it goes into drive much quicker, although it is a very hard shift. if i try to go into OD from D at that point, it doesnt and it stays in D. i literally put it into OD, and rev the engine..... once it comes back down it goes right into OD. throughout the day it goes into OD every time. hard shift from P or N cold and hot. (that could be something different?) going through the gears while driving is much much smoother. i figure it is some kind of solenoid. i live in the thing, and im a little broke, so im trying to only fix maybe $100 at a time, i do the work myself. any ideas dudes? far out
Tire fell off spindle snapped
I have a 1991 g20, the electric bed will go forward and back but will not sit up or recline and makes no noise when i try. I am getting no power to the motor i tried following the wire but lost where it goes to. The fuse for corwadd and back are under the hood beside the battery but i cannot locate the up and down switch fuse. Any help would be appreciated!
Van starts power windows won't work then could not put van in gear. Abs light came on. Would not allow me to turn off van. Ignition switch would not turn. Once it Finley did key was Very hard to get out of ignition. What is the problem? I have a 1995 G20 sports van. Did notice out of break fluid but fixed that issue immediately. Still has these issues.
Sometimes when I really need to get somewhere. Like work, or across the railroad tracks, or making a left hand turn. My 1994 Chevy Van G20 5.7L would stall out. Thankful the battery is new. It takes many starting turns for the engine to start, with a lot of dark smoke from the tail pipe, only to repeat when I put it in drive. when It does start I have to take off slowly to get out the way. Thinking this will continue it doesn't. the Van runs okay again, even up the steep 2 block run up the hill. Then when I reach the driveway it starts again. I replaced the usual suspects. No engine light is on. Checked vacuum hoses. Pass smog test. Sometime rough idle slightly with brakes applied in drive.
I have a 1995 Chevy g20 that will not crank. The battery is fairly new and charged. When you turn the key it does nothing. The only thing I can even hear is a click noise inside the panel behind the driver seat next to the in wall stereo.
There are some wires crossed because my fuel pump keeps running I have to remove the battery post when turning off the engine or it will drain my battery and won't be able to start. It makes the humming noise as if its broke but I replaced it new and it still makes the noise when the key is in ignition ready to start, while driving even though you cant hear it and when I come to a stop.
which happens to be located in a very difficult place under the steering wheel column
when starting the engine it begins while pressing the gas it smokes so what could be leaking to cause it to smoke continually without signs of letting up. I added coolant awhile back before the smoke and it all ran out by the end of the day and it smoke then but I was able to run it out for the smoke to stop but it happen again and I didn't add anything at all to it so I'm not sure....
I need instructions on the removal of the heater core in a 1993 Chevrolet van G 20 v 6 4.3 liter engine. can you help me?
I would like to replace the passenger side power window/motor regulator with a manual regulator.
Is there a direct fit replacement? (1994 G20 Chevy Van)
Vehicle is a 1990 G20 Chevrolet van with a 350CID engine and a 3 speed auto transmission.
slips 2 to 3 willnot shit to 2 without manually doing it then it shifts to space had trans rebuilt and put it back in an has same problem
As I was driving my 95 Chevy g20 conversion van it stopped shifting gears. I can move the gear shift but it’s not switching gears. What could be the problem?
my transmission jerks when I put it into drive and is slow shifting into second gear and shifts fine going into remaining gears.
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