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arrow lights on dash working and you can hear flasher. truck is a 4500 cuttaway
engine cut off when ran through water puddles in road and wont start up will crank but wont run
I replaced the 20 amp fuse but the auxiliary power still does not work
Well i have no overdrive
I purchased a 2015 Chevrolet Express Van 3500 with 30k miles approx 6 months ago. I also purchased a 100,000 mile bumper to bumper limited warranty through the dealer. The RR bulb blew out the first time a few months after I purchased the van and after the Mfgr. Warranty expired (of course). I replaced the bulb with a brand new bulb and it still did not work. My wife took it to a local shop and paid $45 for the guy to replace a perfectly good bulb. He supposedly cleaned up the light bulb base and it worked. For 2 days. I then decided to report it to the dealer and file a claim under the warranty. The service adviser said that the issue would have to be evaluated to determine if it qualified to be covered under warranty. The evaluation costs $120 but if it was covered I would not have to pay for the evaluation fee. I agreed to pay the fee and left my van with the dealer for 5 days. They determined that the fuse block was defective and that it was a covered item. They replaced the fuse block and the signal worked again. 2 months later, the signal light went out again. I removed the bulb and noted that it did not appear to be blown. I replaced the bulb just in case and the signal still did not work. I returned the van to the dealer and they wanted to charge me the $120 evaluation fee. I agreed, but this time, they claimed that it was a blown fuse in the engine compartment. They did not make me pay the $120 but wanted to charge me $39 for parts and labor to replace the fuse. They said the signal light was shorting out due to an after-market stereo I had professionally installed. I complained enough that they did not insist on me paying the $39 charge. The signal light worked for two more months before going out again. I have not returned to the dealer because I want to know if anyone else has had this problem. I went to the car stereo shop (who is very reputable and has been in business for 15 years plus) and he could not understand why they would point to the after market stereo as the issue. He said they don't touch the fuse block. Advice?
It is roughly center from side to side and front to back on the top surface of the dashboard, below the rear-view mirror.
2002 chevy express van 3500 5.7 liter makes tapping noise every time I accelerate
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When engine is cold
How long have you had this problem? A year
Turns over but won't catch. Had the fuel pump replaced about 3 weeks ago & worked fine until today. I can't find any info on the Express 4500.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? One day it starts, the next it doesn't!
How long have you had this problem? About a month before the pump replacement & 3 weeks since then.
Truck won't crank. Wait about 10 minutes then it cranks. Was told it was the security system but no one says how to fix it. I keep hearing bypass wires but I want it fixed.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Better after truck sits for a while
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
I have a 2005 Motorhome on a Chevy Express 3500 chassis with the 6.0 liter. It began throwing the OBDII Code for a bad O2 sensor (bank 1 Sensor 2). I replaced the sensor and cleared the codes. I ran the vehicle through the drive protocol provided by chevy to run all the monitors. (I have now run the protocol more than a dozen time and have put on about 1000 miles) The sensor monitor ran and did not kick an O2 sensor error. No error codes were thrown but it wont run the Cat Monitor. In CA it wont pass smog unless the cat monitor runs. Any ideas? Could the sensor I put in not throw a code (operates between .5 and 1 volt) but not be working well enough to trigger the cat monitor to run? I noticed that there are about 4 different AC delco part numbers for O2 sensors for that vehicle.
Hi there,
My battery light does this odd thing...
It flashes on and off before I start my van.
I put the key in the ignition and turn it to the point just before the starter engages and the battery light either flashes on and off or it does not come on at all... if it does not come on at all my volt meter on the dash reads about 9 or 10 volts. If I try to drive the van will die.
If I step on the gas, still in park, the volt meter will rise back up to 13 to 14 volts and stay there and the van drives normally.
Any idea what's going on??

Were is the fuse box located
was driving and van died out. Thought I might be out of gas as indicator is stuck on full all the time. Filled with gas. Cranks but will not turn over.
I have a failed EVAP pressure sensor. Is there anything that I need to know before replacing it and where is it located on the van?
cable not broken put primary latch will not release
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