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when a/c is off engine dies. was told its the idle air control valve, how can I repair it without having to buy a complete assembly from the dealer ?

to normal. The van never does run hot. What would cause this? Thanks

I want to replce my front brake pads myself, thus I want to purchace the correct pads.

Please help ASAP been running rough on & off for 4 months p 200&300 once while driving I got it to say #2 cylinder swapped coils from other side then 300 again just today the whole bank passenger stopped firing.. Taken to several shops they just want to replace everything. Any ideas? This is my only form of transportation /living thank you!

The panel doors worked off the remote buttons till now.All that happens is the running/parking lights flash when hitting the buttons.It may be that the programming has been lost,but I cant find a fuse/relay to eliminate 'no power' as the problem.I have continuity checked all the fuses in the(pain in the a%$) fuse box.I have 2 questions.1)Is there a troubleshoot chart someone has to trace the problem?2)Is there a re-program procedure for the remote?

Already replaced the starter, now it doesn't do anything.

could a egr valve cause a motorto skip

Recently noticed different valve stem on one of my rims. One being the"flexible" rubber type and the other three appearing to be welded/bolted as if part of the rim. When did manufactures start doing this or is this standard on a 3/4 ton vehicle? Would I have to replace the rim or is this something that can be added to current rim?

They put 61/2 qtrs in my car and said I'm still a half low but my van only takes 5 what happens when you over fill plus oil is splattered and dripping near the oil pan

Power locks will not unlock when put in park.

van. my DRL headlamps flicker when in the off position when vehicle is running. this is draining my battery also i believe. please help. thanks in advance!!!!!!!

when i turn the headlight switch to the on position they stop flickering. also something is causing a drain on my battery. could this be the problem for the battery drain. alternator and started checked out fine.

no problem just routine maintenance

I try to start it will click but engine dont run

It seems to make the motor click and then lose power.

headlamps will not go out ,switch off truck not running headlamps stay on,have to disconnect from lamp,why

I drove it 20 miles since with no problem indicating any problems could it be that it just lost power to the transmissiom?

the brake pedal. this problem has occurred intermittently for three months now. I'm afraid if i don't have it checked out soon it may result in a costly repair.

have an engine code of p0300 multiple cyl misfire, put new wires ,plugs, fuel filter, and checked coil packs for each cylinder, all have spark, checked injector plugs for power all have power,. when first started engine runs smooth, after approx a minute it starts to shake and rumble, when its put into gear gets even worse.if i pull plug wires off of the cylinders on the passenger side any one of them the engine makes no changes. what else do i look for?

when in the off position. they stop blinking when i turn the headlights to the on position.How can i repair this problem.thanks in advance...

what tools are needed ?

dont know how to find short any suggestions? Found P.E.D. fuse link with open eyelet not connected to anything.

I have checked the calipers, brakes, fuses and belt. Could this be electrical or maybe the alternator?

Towing a trailer about 6000 pounds at high way speeds

The dealer's service center recommended and changed our differential fluid for $95 and indicated that it should be serviced every 30,000 miles. I can't find anywhere where it says how ofter it should be changed.

My van started fine this cold day with in 5 min engine cutting in and out during warm up gages, lights flashed before stalled. tried to start engine cranked over and fired. Sat a few hours tried again in nuteral and ran strong till back in park and stalled again. tried reset, took off battery connections Neg & Pos hoped to reset computer codes? Brand new Fuel pump, plugs, wires, module, fresh gas replaced round 65,000 after using diesel fuel. ran good till today has K&N Air filter installed. Cranks but not will start or run

sometimes its flash and the van cut off

Doesn't happen all the time only after it sits overnight or a long period of time during the day.

At 40-50 MPH the steering wheel shakes bad and all steer linkage is tight

I have changed the bulbs in the rear driver side and also the top stop light above the cargo doors. when the car is in drive the driver side rear and front blinker flASH rapidly all appear to be working but the outside driverside brake light is dimmer on the driver side. when the van is in drive and the headlights are turned on the blinkers are not blinking as fast but the interior front cargo light still comes on dimmly when i apply the brakes and when the turn signal is on.