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Zz could themostat be sticking?
ac stops blowing when i'm accelarating.
why did the transission not engage after the engine is restarted?
Has a definite mis. Took to a shop they replaced the cat converter and still is not fixed they now say i nerd to replace lifters
Changed oil and serviced transmission, now it is in high gear, but won't shift. The "M" shift indicator light does not come on when I put it in Manual, most of the time. It comes on periodically, and when it comes on, the transmission will shift. Error codes are P0796 and P0971.
Before it stopped running it was losing power and idled up and down
Backfires and won't start
It stalls at lights and cuts off alot, when I go up hills doesn't get much power, after the hills it goes pretty good. My van skips, wonder if it's my fuel regulator
Van has been over heating on an irregular basis with pools of coolant sporadically being left under van. Pretty sure it's a bad thermostat but fearful it's also the water pump.
had a nap a certified mechanic go through it three days later same thing happened they replace the gear sensor that and fix the problem
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