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Trying to order 3rd row seat. Some dealers state that 2008 to 2014 3rd Row seats should fit any of the 1500 Express vans for those years from 2008-20014

power and shuts down

Will not start

How soon can it be done

When start the truck , there is no problem. But after a little time it stops

When I turn on headlights back lights do not Luminate stop light works brake light works signals work but no back lights when headlights are on

. When headlights come on back lights do not illuminate but brake lights work back up lights work signal lights work

Cool weather, not using a/c. No steam from engine. Checked van after sitting overnight; message is still showing saying engine hot.

on from day one, this problem start all of the sudden.

My 1998 Chevy Van came with the door pull broken off. Need all parts to put new one on. I am referring to the piece that is used only to pull the door closed, in beige if possible.

I think there may be parts for inside the door panel as well.

this is an old conversion van that is used for a handicapped person. the fluid has no been changed in a while.

We are trying to change the lower battery that is located on the driver's side about 1/3 of the way back, looks like it sits on the frame. Any tips?

Today I went to get gas then I tried to turn it back in but it wouldnt start up. So I changed the crank sensor on it then I tried again but it still would not turn over... so my question is if I changed the crank sensor should it start with no problem? So guys I need a tip here because I need my van back on the road for me and my family because that's our main van thanks.

This problem comes and goes. Could be fine for a week. Then go to start it up and get moving, and it starts off real slow as if it's trying to push or tow a heavy truck.
I was told at the auto parts that it is in the ignition. Got this from YouTube he said

Speedometer going crazy and I changed the VSS but still the problem remains. Changed it a day ago. Today its back! I would like to Do-it-Myself. I'm an Average joe tjat loves to save Money.

Trying to find where the torque converter clutch selenoid is located.
Can someone help me with it?

the plugs are sock in gasoline/petrol so my van misfiring

Need wiring schematic for 2000 Chevrolet van fuse block 1500 express .

and the power steering pump unit at once as well as individually if I can't afford both jobs at once

Just purchased this van. Was used as a work van. The turn signals don't come on at all when the lever is pushed, for left or right. No turbo blink indicating a blown bulb, just nothing happens. Yet the flashers work. Any ideas?

Check gauge light had been coming on,temp would peg,but it wasn't running hot

the blower for the heat system won't come on in the van. It used to work but high speed was sporadic.

4.3L w/267000 The driving symptoms match the P0101 error but it also randomly pings like a mother at low speeds. When it does stumble when driving my temp Guage needle goes to 0 and it won't read for 2-5 min then it just comes back to life. But when it does it reads half of what it should be. Any chance it's the Guage sending unit and not the mass air flow sensor?