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Now driving very slow can't get on highway not fast enough
2003 pontiac aztec. No blower control. No prior erratic or intermittent problems. Feels like the selector itself is stripped. I took the knob off and dont feel any "clicks" when making speed selection. It freely moves but blows nothing. I see alot of issues with the resistor but am concerned with the free feel when turning the knob.
van starts and shuts right back off. changed the key ignition came up with code for security. changer fuel pump and a used spider fuel injectors with a new fuel regulator. Im thinking it needs to be relearned to the ecm....dont have a communication?
First noticed line under selected gear was slow to respond to gear change. Now, warning lights come on and gauges turn off randomly but ABS light stays on
i have a 2000 chevy van carry all seris when i turn it over it sputters but wont stay started
when I turn the key to the start position nothing happens. when I release the key to the run cycle the gauges twitch three times and then they go to their correct position. I can have the key in the run position and remote start the starter and it turns over but does not start.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing.
How long have you had this problem? about two days
i had a new fuel pump installed at a shop ,it leaked shop won t stand behind their work. took it to gm dealer they said the fuel bladder was not sealing the pump to the tank and was causeing the leak, it would be an extra $60 to replace it . this is the second pump i ve replaced never had any one say i had a bad fuel bladder. did my tank even come with a bladder in it?

My Chevy Express van 2000, was running very well, has good engine 350 v8
After taking out the cluster instrument for testing and replacing it, drove away and then the van began to shake - worse when at stop light, thot it was out of fuel, put 60 Litres in, shaking worse, white puffs out of tailpipe, gas smell inside coming from vents. It was a hot day, lots of stop and go, AC on max.
Drove 1 hr that day, and the next still all these symptoms, no AC on.
Mechanic did some checking around, didn't find much except 1 cylinder running slower.
1 week later started it up and no shaking, drove around the block still no shaking or gas smell.
(tho he didn't fix anything!)
Any ideas what was wrong? and if it will happen again?


What seems to make the problem better or worse? worse when hot? full tank?
How long have you had this problem? few days??
When I use my directional lights they dim and my dashboard gauges go up and down while they're on and at night tail lights work fine but when I use my brake half of the tail lights go off and the brake
lights doesn't work just the ones above the rear doors
Trying to order 3rd row seat. Some dealers state that 2008 to 2014 3rd Row seats should fit any of the 1500 Express vans for those years from 2008-20014
power and shuts down
Will not start
How soon can it be done
When start the truck , there is no problem. But after a little time it stops
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