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Reverse yes drive nothing. Want to add sound transmission fluid. What is fluid is recommended.
Dextrin VI is hard to find.
i dont want the engine to shut off and then when you release the brake peddle the starter kicks on and starts the engine. i think buying a little more gas is better than a starter.
I found the evap. canister was broken. I replaced it with a new A/C Delco part, with the updated vent valve and harness. Cleared the code and it came back on. I bought a smoke machine. Hooked it to the hose at the intake. The smoke was coming out of the vent hose in the right rear wheel well. I checked for voltage at the vent valve. It has 12 volts. The ground was open. I back probed the wire at the ECM. And grounded it, the valve closes. Do you know when the valve is supposed to be closed? Thank you, Dennis
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No change no matter what I do.
How long have you had this problem? Several months

What seems to make the problem better or worse? rain
How long have you had this problem? a few months
I parked my 2011 chevy equinox in my new garage and found a puddle that was black as tar had a weird oil smell but felt like there was some water with it, not having luck with dealership they say it's nothing. They don't see any problem. Had the car in for oil consumption issues 2 months after getting it.
it started this at 95000 miles on it at the time took it to the cheve garage to be checked over while still in warranty they said it was fine I now have it at a independent shop spent 300 hundred on test shop owner said he had one more test to do he thinks its a sensor inside the engine and wants 2000 thousand dollars to fix it?
Anti lock sensor is surging a before a full stop
Car dead can not get key out of ignition
i was going in for a oil change and somehow the mechanic stated a valve needed to be replaced so the replaced it the day after I got my car the car turned off while driving and my steering wheel locked I called and asked and they said to see if I could add steering wheel fluid however my car does not use steering wheel fluid? What could this be ?
My car was running when the screen went black, my phone still connects heat, and air still works but radio does not and the phone charger in the console quit working as well
I can control the radio from the steering wheel.
the battery is up this is the 2nd time. the 1st time I just charged up battery this time its not working. battery says it is 12.8
I just noticed this same water problem in the passenger side and is also in the drivers side as well. Haven't tried to fix it yet...anyone else had this fixed? We have had tons of rain don't really run the A/C - wondering where it came from and how to fix it. Please help
Approximately twice a month
Smoke coming from front left brake
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