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I’ve purchased a thermostat housing from AutoZone last week I replaced it with the know with the old and for somewhere reason I put all the Simley back on so the car and after a drive all my coolant that I refilled in the reservoir went bad and just emptied out all through my engine bay.I don’t know what to do can you please find out what would be the best bet of having the house connector flush so it out leak anymore
For a couple of days now when I start my car and begin driving there's a scraping sound that I can feel through the gas pedal and sounds like it's coming from either the center area or right wheel area. It seems like once I hit a specific speed, maybe 1st to 2nd gear (automatic) is when the sound occurs. Oddly this only happens when the car has been cokmpletely off, in park and started. No scraping sounds when turning, no sounds when going from stop, no sounds when moving from park to drive. It also doesn't occur when going in reverse. The car is brand new (under 20,000 miles still). No leaks or physical damage.
this has happened a couple of time already.
i cant see the speen and i cant see anything on it
Check engine light came on on my 2016 chevy cruze with less than 1300 miles on it. Unknown. Dealership cant get me in til late next week. Anyone heard of this yet? Or had any issues with their 2016?
I have 2016 Chevy Cruze LT which is less than 4K and whenever I come to a stop, the car jerks in 2nd and 1st shift then jerks back at a complete stop?
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