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it feels like the switch isn't disengaging when I press the brake pedal. repeatedly pressing and releasing the brake pedal doesn't seem to work, but sometimes when I turn off the engine, open the door, close the door and restart the engine it works. Nothing seems to work all of the time.....

but now has no power when you hit the gas.also dies how do i fix the problem

Specifically the code is "Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor voltage is too low." I'm reading that it may be a vacuum problem. Does anyone know where to start with this repair?

The car has 42K miles and the following have been replaced in the last 2 months: MAF x2, plugs, wires, distributor, coil, battery, throttle position sensor, PVC valve and the engine computer. I also have a new fuel filter to put in.

I've got a check engine light and the erratic running engine symptoms. I'd appreciate any help.

car would shut down untill it cooled down then would restart.code p1351 icm was only code. i replaced the icm which solved the problem but the service engine light is still on and still reads that code and wont reset whith scanner.

I replaced the ignition cylinder and determined the vats key. The engine turns over but won't start. Seems to be a fuel issue. Can't hear the fuel pump come on. Is it connected to the vats or is it another issue?

The compartment around my gas cap retains water. No water has entered the engine but I'm worried that this could happen.

car sat for 6 months in garage this winter.Was idling rough when started.WOULD NOT RUN was towed to Chevy shop.

Car has same performance as always.

head lights rotate fine in and out lights work fine

any problems with knock sensor

Still won't clear 3 monitors.

What else could be the cause? I find it hard to believe that all 3 batteries were bad! There has to be something else causing the battery to be completely dead after 3 days!y

My wipers won't work! Neither does the windshield washer. I changed the wiper fuse. Then I changed the wiper control/ cruise control/ signal/ lever. Then I changed the switch that the wiper/signal lever connects to and still nothing. I changed the circuit board on the wiper motor. I bypassed everything by grounding the motor and connecting the battery positive directly to the motor and IT WORKED. Which leads me to believe that it might be more than just the motor. I'm completely stumped! I'm not crazy about letting strangers (mechanics) touch my little girl, but I will if I have to. My biggest question is, is it possible for a bad washer pump to cause the entire system to fail?

06 corvette coupe.

Power steering became heavy

In shift, standardized operation, but the flameout

I changed the belt prior to the harmonic balancer & 4 times after the balancer-even tried a Gator back belt, changed the tensioner also. I isolated it to the main belt. Took it to Chevy mechanic claimed dirty pulleys-cleaned them all, they put on a new belt-one month later same morning chirps until warm up...Help what gives? Thank you.

previously I observed it was rotating in a gap of time.

how can I tell when the car is ready

I was charged $139 just to put freon in my car. Was I overcharged??

Happens after car is warmed up. Steam has odd smell, probably from anti-freeze. But how does it get into a/c vents? And what causes it?

I have spent over $4000.00 to have the throttle body replaced, the ECM, all sparkplug wires and plugs, replaced the rotor cap and rotor, replaced throttle body and sensor. Had fuel pump and filter checked. Car will die at slow speed like parking or stopping at a red light. When I hit it hard on the freeway it will hesitate and shudders and feels like it is going to stall. I have no idea except perhaps injectors. It really seems like a fuel problem. The dealer is suggesting that it could be the solenoid sensor for the OD on the transmission and I am taking it in this morning to have that disconnected to see if that helps. They can not find any problems when it is connected to the computer and they scan all systems. Any suggestions???

I took it in and discovered the valves had heavy carbon deposits. Some of the valves were sticking in the valve guides. we increased the diameter of the valve guides and reworked the valve seats. I have been advised to use a 20-50 Valvoline oil which contains zinc additive. I am also using an octane booster in the fuel.

When I try to start car all lights work radio but it won't crank over.

my tempature on my dash reads 90 degrees but i still dont get any heat

need to replace power steering rack.

the car will not turnover

Bought it used from Ebay. I think the security system is preventing it from starting. What do I do? Do I need to change any codes or bypass the security system?

My wipers won't work! I changed the wiper fuse. Then I changed the wiper control/ cruise control/ signal/ lever. Then I changed the switch that the wiper/signal lever connects to and still nothing. Before you recommend the obvious, to change the wiper motor, I have to mention that the windshield washer isn't working either. No washer fluid sprays when the washer switch on the signal lever is pressed. Which leads me to believe that it might be more than just the motor. So, is the motor the fix? Or am I missing something?

i have a 95 corvette it will start right up when it is cold but after it warms up it will not click or anything i replaced the ignition switch but no luck what else can it be