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pop up headlight passenger side front headlight will not pop up
It looks like the mechanism to open the door does not respond.
charged on my bill. Wondered what it serviced.
Doesn't move back automatically when key is removed
I got head gasket rebuilt, I drove the car 2 weeks later, and a hole blew out from my oil pan? Could that be from the gasket rebuild
door will not unlock when i approach the vehicle. car will not start when i get in the car thru the hatchback.
Problem still exist, changed batteries again today, maybe this will solve problem. Car battery, alternator and starter all ok. Ignition switch still lights up, could this be the culprit? Any insights to this problem is greatly appreciated. Thank You.
Part is 60$ amazon 172$ Chevy dealer'.They claim 3Hr work for 300$ total cost 472$ is this correct. Thx Ron
Fuel gage only goes to half full, even
when tank is full of gas, on my
1979 Corvette
they stopped doing this. They are suppose to go down. But they have stopped.
I can rev it up when idling, but as soon as its in gear and I give it any gas at all, it stalls out
Could it be the traction control is on? How to take it off?
at first it seemed to be the switch inside car, it would sometimes work, so I replaced switch, didn't help, not have no fog lights, replaced fuse, still nothing. is their more than one fuse on fog lights?
I need to know how much pressure this pump puts out so I can tame it down to operate the rack and pinion in the car that this engine is in now
High idle speed will not drop to low speed
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