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Apparently, someone tried to glue it back together. The AC now pours water out under the dash. The AC still works, but has a terrible odor.
Idles rough, had tb cleaned, keep oil changed every 3000
Acts like it's gonna die when at red light engine light comes on
For a day or so then goes off, uses more gas in summer
No oil leaks. What would you suspect and what order should I check. If it's oil pump how much will it cost?
Do you have diagrams for timing
Ths usually happens on deceleration. If I attempt to start it up right away, nothing happens, but if I let it sit for about 15 minutes, it will restart and run well. There are no bucking, backfiring, shake or shutters at any time. It has happened in all weather conditions and is happening more frequently during the past month. One mechanic said it was the pistons and another said it was the timing chain, but neither did much more listen to my story.
Only when I hit passing gear it one I'm out of passing gear seems to stop.I don't lose acceleration everything seems fine except this really loud high pitch whisle sound
When I'm driving I hear a high pitched noise coming from the front wheels but stops when brakes are applied, what could be causing this and how do I go about fixing it's?
When the locking system does not work the driver side window does not work either
May 06, 2015
Priced a condensor @ PartsGeek and resonable price. However, can installation be completed without machine per charging freeon...?
Your advise and consideration are appreciated.
Thanks again!


PS - Please include directions per best procedure per change.
Thank you again...!
Had throttle body cleaned, changed 2 coils, spk plugs, air filters still same in winter ran good now getting warmer now doing the same, engine light comes on for a while then goes off idk help
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