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I have replaced the 4x4 selector switch no change. Never had any problems with the 4x4 then it just quit working.
Valvi line forgot to put oil in truck
And drove 3500 mile before there was a sign. Rod knocking now.I put in oil and oil started spraying out the top of the motor what happened there did the piston break the head or something?
My oil pump went out and my truck is rattling , my engine light stayed on because the throttle body needed cleaning , and it needed a thermostat . My ac/heater relay switch had burned spots on it and the ac/ heater would only work on high. I love my truck but if I had known that you couldn't buy a rebuild kit for the motor I would not have bought it . I'm thinking of having a 327 chevy engine put in it,so could you please tell me what I need to buy to make it work ?
My engine light came on yesterday and I can't seem to figure it out. My wife thought it might be a loose gas cap. Someone else told me it could me the O2 sensor.
It does fine when I keep it on 2 or lower and it does it every time I turn it on 3 or higher
full tank new fuel filter new fuel pressure regulator but still staling when I go stop or turn.GM did a injector flush and new plugs. still have problems. light still comes on code is PO171
when cold, the engine acts as if it is starving for gas for about a mile. then it runs fine until it sits over night.
The aux. power re-engages after the key is removed from the ignition. This may happen immediately after removing the key or up to several hours later.
codes were cleared, engine would not turn over until key was cycled and at least 30 seconds past, engine started and ran fine but check engine light came on and stayed
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