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also it runs hot even when i have the A/C on to
After driving an hour, my rear brakes slightly engaged on their own, noticed by slowing the truck into a parking space and odor of brake pads. 74,000 miles, bought used, and to my knowledge has never had brakes replaced. Did I just hit the nail on the head?
When I look down at the tac it's fluctuating up and down what would cause this
when should it be done
No symptoms and no visible leaks.
How much should it cost?
Trying to check fuses to air conditioner to see if that's why it quit blowing.
got all the bolts out,the old pads and caliper is off rotor is free be cant get flange in front of rotor off. hope it isn't pressed on but don't think so
a/c never gets truck very cool ,feels like its getting cool then compressor kicks off,the temp @ the center vent never gets to 50 degrees,(all my other veh. get down to 35 deg.) and keeps trucks cold.What can I do dealer hasnt been able to fix.
It shows on the dashboard temperature gauge that it's heating up. The mechanic checked the outside with a temperature laser gun and it reads temperature its normal. I already changed water pump, fan clutch, termostat, temperature element, radiator cap, and cleaned the radiator. I really don't know why it keeps reading that it's heating up. I turn off the a/c and in stoplights I put it in neutral so temperature gauge can go down. ran fuel treatment on every other tank for about a month. There is no light coming on .
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