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Most offen after rain. I pull over and turn it off. Restart it and it gos away. It happens 3 to8 times a week.
Is the fuel filter located in the engine area
My truck was under water for about 4 hours due to a hurricane. The water reached the seats, so about halfway up the doors.
As a result, my 4WD, horn, keyless entry, and hazard lights didn't work. Hazard lights wouldn't go off.
I took it to a shop. The guy installed a used BCM and apparently didn't know how to program it. The only thing fixed was hazard lights. HOWEVER, the odometer reading was over 8,000 miles off, due to the donor BCM!
He said he'd fix everything and install a new BCM. He gave another estimate, and also included a new horn and transfer shift module (saying that was needed to fix 4WD) plus more labor charges.
My question...Wouldn't a new BCM fix all the issues (4WD, keyless entry, horn, and correct mileage)?
It's acting like it ran out of gas
my 2006 Colorado just died on me going down the interstate last night.I checked the codes and they were what they always have been. 0017 and 0128.I have changed both camshaft position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor and it still does the same thing. When you crank it and start to drive, it tries to die or it does die unless you keep your foot on the gas. it will idle up and down until it dies and last night it just stopped running going down the interstate.I was told that it might be the camshaft solenoid sensor but I can't find any part store that has it. None of them knows what i am talking about. what do I do????
just after it started knocking the oil light came on and stayed lit, i immediately pulled off the road and the engine died before i could even come to a stop. I didn't try to restart it for fear of damaging it further.
When the brake pedal is pushed down indicater lights on dash come on. Left a little brighter than right. Changed bulb on rear, no help. When driving, right side seems normal but left flashes fast until brake pedal is depressed then stops flashing completely. Indicater lights stop flashing until brake pedal is released. No codes on scanner. Help.
My truck dies, I turn it off for a minute and start it again. It has been doing this for about a month, but now it is dying more often
When I started my 2011 Colorado all the indicator lights come on as normal and go off as normal except for the drivers side seatbelt which I latch every time. It is securely latched and when I am driving the indicator light flashes and the chime sounds and then after a minute or so goes off. But comes back on again after a couple of minutes and continues to do this cycle. What can I do to fix it
cd player won't accept or play cd's radio ok.
I'm changing my valve cover gasket, but the last two screws are under the intake manifold. This has become a bigger job then I expected.
when brake pedal is pushed & right signal is on flashes fast, when left signal is on stays solid. problem is intermitent. when signals are not on and brake is pushed right turn light on dash lights and you get signal sound
my heater fan and motor has been tested they work. it was coming on and off on its own but now nothing. any ideas?
Oil pan drain plug
When I go over a speed bump my back in makes a noise and if you shake the body there is a noise thumping noise
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