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Every once in a while, engine turns over, but won't start. Wait about 10 minutes, and starts fine.

Will continue to start with no problem for a while, then won't start again. Wait about 10 minutes, and starts fine again.

No other problems.
Moves very slow to the half way mark. I filled it up and still only reads half
I have a 2007 Chevy Colorado with a 3.7 liter engine. The problem started about 2 years ago when the starter went out. I had it replaced and then about 6 months after that it started having issues randomly not starting. Part of the problem is it's so random it's hard to reproduce the problem. There are time when you turn the key you get nothing like its a dead battery. If you jump it will start sometimes or if let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour it will start on its own.

I finally had to drop it off at the shop and they had it for a week and said it was the starter. They replaced the starter and that seemed to help for a little while and then it started acting up again. doing the exact same thing.
For a while it seemed like that something was getting hot and then once it cooled down it would start. Then it just started happening more often. I finally got it to act up for the mechanic and he claimed it was the starter again. They replaced the starter for the third time and the problem as returned. The mechanic and I are at a complete loss. There are no service engine lights or codes. when it comes to electrical problems that would be a weak area for me.

I've had 3 starters in two years
I replaced the battery
I've replaced the battery cables

Any suggestions or solutions would greatly be appreciated
I see the panel displaying V4 and V6 is this cylinder deactivation?
The 2 wheel light use to always stay on and could it just be the fuse wete ever its licated and is it safe to drive it like this its in 2 wheel drive it just wont go back into 4 wheel drive please help
the door locks do not work when the key is not in the ignition
they will work occasionally
My 2011 does the same thing, intermittently does not start, wait 10 minutes always starts. Problem does not leave codes for mechanic to diagnose problem. I believe it's an antitheft system.
actuator for a Chevy Colorado 2006 5 cylinder model
Ive changed cam and crank sensors ck engine llight stays on even after I reset it comes back on ???
Blower motor kept working but no air
Problem: Sometimes at start up after engine is at operating temperature and is shut off for a length of time (greater than an hour), which seems to vary based on outside temperature. Engine will hesitate at startup. RPM drops to almost zero jumps to 2000, back to zero up again and finally settles in at a little less than 1000 slowly drops to around 600.

Replaced Mass Air Flow
Replaced Camshaft Solenoid
Replaced Throttle body and sensor (Dealer replaced)
Cleaned PVC valve

Doesn’t exhibit problem when cold, never a problem with first start in morning.

If engine is shut off when hesitation starts it will not exhibit problem when immediately restarted.

Can shut off and restart multiple times and it will not exhibit problem.

Seems that it’s related to temperature of engine or related parts.

Never have seen a Check engine light
Check fuses check light bulb flashers work turn signal does not work
1/. Both heated seats not working?, lighted switches not lit up?, fuse 18-20A OK! (ORG - Red power driver/passenger seat modules; and what is the purpose for the diodes shown in a parallel to these red circuits ahead of going to each of the seat modules?), AC fuse5-10A OK! (BRN wire power driver/passenger Lumbar Adjuster/Heater Switches); what is the purpose of the diode

2/. Occurred all of a sudden, randomly works on #'s 1,2,3 but very seldom? Suspect loose connector but where do I locate the resistor pack and wiring connector?

3/. AUX power accessory outlets located under the dash for GPS, Phone charger, etc., do not operate my remote GPS, what is the voltage spec, battery voltage or is it computer controlled?

Wiring schematics for power distribution, wiring schematic for ground distribution would be very helpful, diagnostic techniques, and specs greatly appreciated, or any other experiences and solutions, thanks for any assistance,,,, cheers!
Fluud lightbid on dont know why. Brake fluid is full
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