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I need to replace fuel sending unit on 2009 chevy colbalt. Is there an access panel under backseat?
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
Dont know what to fix. Just loud clattering sound. Have seen other like models with same problem.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? 6 mos.
engine light stays it shows in the dash as a engine design
front breakes dragging changed master calibers pro valve flushed fluid what do I do next please help
air was blowing warm to hit air, thought it needed Freon put a can in. After putting it in the air compressor stop the kicking on and off. but it still is not blowing cold air. What di I do?
Runs fine on flat ground changes out but has no power going up hill won't change gears rpm keep going up used 1/4 tank of gas just to pull hill changed Cadillac converter and all map sensors and plugs
This warning has never come on before I changed the starter
I put in a new button switch for trunk release and have been inside center of car when installing a new pioneer car stereo also and now the switch stopped working.
This happens when I push a phone charger into a cigarette lighter and am driving or not driving or sometimes it just starts on its own when I am parked and doing nothing. This happened once when the car was running and I got out and went around from passenger side to driver side and I was locked out for 20 minutes but eventually it unlocked itself and I was able to get in.
Is there a recall
All lights work and noticed last two days go start it it was like the starter delayed? Meaning I'd turn key to start position nothing would happen for three seconds then it would start
a\c went out was working fine ealier then a few hours later nothing i check the number 10 fuse for heating and ventalatlateding air conditioner that was fine could it be a blower motor restor or a blower motor relay can the on board computer diagoise that??
Gears on Chevy cobalt 2007 are not changing gears properly. From 1st to 2nd takes longer to kick into gear. And same for 3rd gear to 4th gear. Please advice me. As a single female parent with kids.
2006 2.2 5 speed cobalt with new engine due to warped heads.
does not blow out of dash vents
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