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I took it to autozone and they tried reading the obd with the tool they have and it would not read. Then we found out that the wires are cut, how can I fix that so I can have the obd read and know what its wrong with the vehicle?
06 chevy cobalt ss the tc light caused a slight to severe left pull erratically but most cerning is that out of nowhere it just stopped and when you put it into gear it just makes a loud grumbling noise and wont move
I was driving home from Alabama got on to the interstate put my car into 5th gear and all of a sudden my car started to decelerate, I pulled over to shut my car off waited a few minutes then started my car put it into 1st and it wouldn't move, does anyone know whats wrong??
Are the heads interchangeable between the 2.0 supercharged SS engines and the 2.4L ecotec engines?
This is the 2nd time my cat converter is causing my engine light on and giving codes of engine running lean at dealership scanner. Is GM covering the cost of this $1300 service for a 2nd time failure? I had it replaced 4-5 yrs ago. Code P0420 plus others only GM OBD reads.
What is a transmission pump and is it pricey to fix
i disconnected the negative terminal and it died automatically i just want to be sure that that is the problem the error code reads P036 which indicates the knock sensor.the dashlights act all funny first the battery light goes off followed by like five others then they all go off

I just replaced front brakes,rotors,struts on all 4 corners
What do I have to buy to hook up a 2.2l in my car and supercharger
What do I have to buy to make a 2.2 liter out of a 06 cobalt work for my 05 cobalt ss.and hook up the supercharger to it as well
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