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code p0742--irratic upshfting and down shifting to 1st gear
passenger side works, driver side will not move at all.
Emisson test down so how do I get get fix .
I start the gas up then pull off I hear loud noise on the inside of the car, then the car jerk forward then start to give more speed and the noise on the inside goes away. when I stop at a stop sign or red light its still not there, once I push on the gas to go again the noise is there again and the car jerks forward again and the noise goes away again. this happens every time I stop and go and push on the gas. Can you tell me what is causing this to happen. I do wait and let the car warm up when its cold. I had a tune up done, oil change, new breaks put on, and new tires as well.
It cranks and runs gas in carb
3.1l engine z24 package
When purchasing a new power steering pump for a 2000 Chevy Cavalier 2.4L, does the pulley come as a completely separate part or is the pulley already assembled to the pump?
I took pin box connection apart to clean terminals and am having problems putting it back. How do i rewire to get lights working.? I have checked all other items, switch, fuses ,bulbs
I was told to have electrical checked out??
After i turn off the car the engine is making a loud noise still which has never happened before.
I have tried to hook up a harness for an after stock radio but there is no power. So far the only wire i can not find on the factory is the ignition power wire.
Happens when my car is stopped.
It goes off after the computer is reset and we drive around for a bit. What could be causing this? How can we fix it?
The glass in front of the bulb seems dirty. Can I clean them myself? How?
The low is too low and the high is too high. How can I get something in between?
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