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How do replace the front turn signal bulb? This is on a 2000 chev cavalier.

When you turn on the air dial anywhere but circulate, there is a clicking sound coming from a round large part under the dash behind the glove compartment? what is this part and what does it do?

turn signal lights went out

daughters car no noted leaks around radiator or water pump
i am not sure if fan is working or not. Need a repair shop to check it out for me. Is there a repair shop that will do a chec for free in leander

recommmended by mechanic, need cost estimate.
Thanks !

recommended by mechanic, need estimate

is there an adjustment for the e brake cable.if so where.

my 1995 chevy cavalier won't start. the dash lights come on and the fuel pump kicks on, but it won't start. i checked the ground wire and it is fine. i even disconnected the battyer thinking maybe it needed to reset itself.

Why does car shake, chug, jerk, etc. when coming to a stop? Sometimes even on acceleration. Feels like the car wants to lock up and stop.

Why does the car shake, chug, jerk,etc. when breaking or slowing down? It feels like the front of the car is going to lock up.

The car is experiencing a strange coolant loss in parallel with strong overheating when the coolant tank is empty. After refilling it, the coolant tank becomes empty after three days. I have changed the radiator but the loss remains. I have checked the fan and it's working properly. The oil is not milky. I noticed that when I open the coolant tank it emits a sound as if there is some gas pressure. The "Check Engine" light got on but got back off after two days and several tentatives have to be made to start the car before the engine starts. A repair shop suspects a blown head gasket. However, since this costs a lot of money I would like to make sure if the above are the corresponding symptoms and if there's a way to verify this possibility before proceeding with this step.

Why would my alternator (in my 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L 4 cylinder) be making a ringing-like noise sometimes? There isn't a pattern of when it makes this noise. Is this a serious problem and should I get it fixed?

Is it normal to have to have so many repairs needed.

The heater blower runs when the ignition is shut off, also the power windows and sunroof open and close as well. Battery runs down and car won't start. Replaced the Heater Resistor and that didn't correct the problem. I have an aftermarket remote starter on the car.

I am female blond, I a few cars they were all running fine. I just wanted to get them ready winter. One them I even replaced the battery in. Now it will not start. I took it to Afton vo-tech in 1991. The repair asked me what I had done in perpairing for winter. I told them them I added antifreeze to any thing that had water in it.

Transmission is stuck on 10 mph when car is off. Sometimes it goes to fifty mph when running on highway.

cant find dip stick or way to replace the fluid

I have a 2000 chevy cavaler 2.2 L with a bad head gasket does anyone know right off what the correct ft lbs and torque pattern is for the head bolts.

how do i get all the air off the brake line of a 1994 chevrolet cavaler

what type of oil should I put in? 5w30,10w30,5w40or10w40

Car was acting like it was running out of gas, once I stopped and turn it off then back on it ran fine for awhile. The "TracOFf" comes on and when it shifts it sound like the transmission is giving a clunk with each gear. I went into a O'Reilly's when the check engine light stayed on this is where I got the Diag. Code PO122 "throttle/Pedal position switch"

would the ignition module make the car cut off while in the process of driving?

I have a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier and everytime i turn the car off the day time headlights wont go out. I then have to unhook the battery every time I turn off the car. If anybody knows how to fix this problem or how much it would cost and let me know I would appreciate it.

Can someone please tell me why in the world would a BIG COMPANY like Chevrolet make a car with "NO Transmission Dipstick". Don't you think that they make enough money to have one put in???????

1997 cavliar actron code po405 ,EGR FLOW SENSOR A CIRCUIT LOW INPUT .I changed egr aready still have problem . Dose this mean sensor or circuit and were would it belocated.

My turn signals come on but dont blink, my emergency flashers however blink perfectly. They are on the same relay (which we have tried replacing 4 times just in case we had a bad one) and much of the same wiring which we have checked with a multimeter. We have also replaced the turn signal switch in the steering column three times ( one was bad) each time it would make the signals blink for about 5 minutes then stop again. We have checked/replaced all the bulbs and fuses. I have seen many other cavalier owners post a similar problem on other sites but they never get any answers.

When braking to come to a stop, the brakes feel like they are bucking. I have been hitting the brakes a lot softer and a lot sooner until I can get into the shop.

When the car is in Drive and I try to go faster than 30 mph the engine starts to rev really hard, but there is no power going to the tires as if it was in neutral. If I put it in 2 it runs fine, but I can't take it on the highway. I have checked all fluids and even though the engine light is on the only OBDII error is a faulty engine temp gauge.

The has only happened twice so far and I'd like to nip it in the but early. My car has started overheating while idling in drive, with my foot on the break. It cools down once I start driving or turn the engine off and doesn't happen again for awhile. I can also smell burning rubber when it happens. Coolant isn't low. Any help would be super appreciated.

the engine runs and idles very smoothe, after the car is warmed up 45 minutes approximately and you pullup to a stop sign the transmission doesnt disengauge and the engine dies even though the car is an automatic. if you let the car sit 15 minutes and cool down you can drive for a short while until it warms up again