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3 of them are anyhow, the 4th plug came out no problem..The plugs were installed a couple yrs. ago...The car did have a head gasket blow & fixed recently.....
Plug change will let car run great for about 2 or 3 weeks then starts to Miss and back fire again, have gone through 24 plugs in the last six months, they are the correct plug for the car, have tried others as well and do not get as long of use out of them. Have changed wires and coils as well, am at point plugs are more expensive Than the fuel to run it. Car is serviced regular,
i was driving my car today and it was running normal. All of a sudden it cut off. I noticed that the oil was a quart over full so i thought maybe that was the reason so i went and got everything for a oil change and changed the oil filter although this was done one week ago :( it still wouldnt start so i put plugs on it thinking that maybe the plugs had gotton flooded....nope that didnt work either. So advance suggested a crank shaft censor that didnt work either. I have checked all spark plugs they are getting fire. The number one cylindar is getting gas but 234 is dry....i can hear the fuel pump turn on...the car turns over like it wants to start but it just aint doing it.....any suggestions on what it may be???? thanks ....Katie
I don't have any leaking, excess rocking when I brake. Does that appear to be a shocks problem to you
My 2004 Cavalier stalls after warmed up while I'm backing up and the ABS/Engine/low trac comes on with TWO battery lights on dash then it stalls, kind of sputters. I had Drive train put in and new spark plugs too. What could it be? Thanks. It usually occurs in the morning and I let it run over 5 mins.
the front driver side around the wheel hums when driving over 15 mph or when turn to the left.its not the wheel bearing or cv joint. what else could be
The grid cluster and all the internal and external electrical parts work but the car will not turn over, it’s dead. I have checked the battery and the starter, and both are working properly. What else could be the issue? I would greatly appreciate any help possible. Thanks for your time.
there is enough transmission fluid(no leaks there)
No previous symptoms. Car would not shift out of 1st gear after stopping car and restarting at gas station. Stepped on gas. Engine revs, and can only go 20 miles per hour. Is there known problems with the Hydromatic 3T40 transmission?
I have a 2003 Chevy Cavalier & recently I have been having problems with an oil leak while there is very little oil on the ground & no problems with the driving performance I've noticed oil on my cleaner box & air filter box & on my hood also the check gauges light comes on every time i put gas in the car and the fuel gauges goes up and down while driving any advice as to what could be causing these problems ?
lost keys drilled out keyset
After running out of gas, I left the blinkers on for about 15 mins so that I could go get gas. When I came back, the car wouldn't even turn over. It just clicks. The clock had reset itself and the inside light was dim so I tried to jump it thinking it was the battery, but that didn't help. Any ideas??
My oil pressure light will come on when I'm idling at a stop light/sign. I've had the oil pressure sensor replaced and the light still comes on. I've also noticed that when I go up the mountain, the oil pressure light comes on then but not when I'm going back down the mountain. I've been meticulous about doing my oil changes every 3-4000 miles. I currently have 168,000 miles on her.
I was pulling into my driveway this morning and when I put the car into Park, my car still was moving forward, as if the car were in Drive. I put on the brake and shifted the car into Reverse and the car still moved forward. I shifted back into Park and killed the engine, the car then started to roll backwards as if the car were in Neutral. I put on the parking brake, waited a few minutes and then tried to crank the car. The car will not crank and I can no longer shift gears at all. What happened? and about what is the estimated cost of repairs for something like this? Thank You!
i just want to know how much i will have to pay in advance hp chevy
had the ig. controll checked and was OK, the car ran fine until then
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