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when you put car in gear.the back brakes lock & runs fine but brakes causes stall.also how do you remove back drums?
Any ideas? Sensor is ok too!
Very hard to go into 1st and 2nd and reverse grinds
Also bucks (slightly). Someone advised us it could be the catalytic converter... maybe clogged???
I just took the 05 chevy cavalier after replaceing the front wheel bearing. I think its the tires they say the bad tires sound like wheel bearings so I stuck between a rock and a hard place so what would be my next step. besides the tires
It happened when I had to really press on the gas. I noticed the frayed wires then. Now the cable accelerator has snapped. It seems like something I can repair myself.
Is the starter on a 1997 cavalier 2.2 4cyl. Interchangable with the starter on a 1986 chevy camaro cabriolette?
i want to replace the front wheel bearings in my car. i hear that if i have a the one that need a special tool than i cant replacve them myself now what that soecial tool is i do not know the info that i have found on it is that it has 3 torque bolts and thats it and that it isnt fun. i want to do it my self but i here that i may not be able what im askn is can i do it and what tools beside a set of torque bits and other basic tool.if i could get that would be very greatful
the only light that comes on is theftlock, no heater contollight.
and it did same thing for a couple times, but now it just clicks?
It seems very sensitive to how hard you push in the key. My wife almost never has a problem and I always have a problem. We've had the car since new and this has never been a problem until about 3 months ago.
I got caught in a blizzard. I had to stop my car. When I tried to start it again, it made a loud clunking noise, then the car died. Every time I tried to start it, it would make this loud clunk again and would not start. Could it be the timing jumped or timing chain tensioner? Thanks for any help.
The car does have an after market clifford security system on it as well as whatever came on car when it was manufactured have two key fobs for the car, could it be the starter or something to do with this security system please help...
theft system light stays on steady - not flashing - car will crank but not start even for a second. is pass code sensor bad or is ECM causing this? Is pass code sensor located on electronic part of ignition switch - small card?
They was working by me doing them manually but now they want come on at all
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